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I. Introduction

Education is a continuing process that must if it is to be effective and especially beneficial, seek to develop all God given faculties and talents of the individual to their highest unfolding in order to make him an asset of his country and to the world community of which he is a part. (Dalisay B. Aguila at al.,1993)

True to its commitment, Batangas State University has included the four year Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration course to meet the growing needs of the port community in Batangas and nearby provinces. All professions existing whether its agreeable or not noblest purposes for existing. This not excludes Customs. Generally, all professions only aim to serve and nothing else.

Every man is striving for success and satisfaction, and in the process, problem may block and hinder the fulfilment of his goal. Whenever a goal oriented is blocked or whenever a need remained unfulfilled or a perplexity unresolved, there is a problem. This problem is inevitable. In every professor and student relationship they are not free from problems. These are some hindrances to feel them satisfy. Professor’s insight about problems can be positive that they may look at it as motivating factors in achieving one’s goal because they take it as a challenge that must be overcome through existing effort toward fulfilment.

Every person willingly or unwillingly embarks upon a dual quest in search for his own identity and for the meaning of life. For one can only say that life is meaningful when a man is found something dupable of arousing his commitment to it, something deserving for and if needed worth dying for. Serving different people from different places with different needs and wants, different customs and traditions, different level of status in life seem to be very difficult, thus problem is inevitable. And even though how efficient these professors are in the performance of the duties and responsibilities problems unhindered, thus the researcher deem it necessary to conduct a study on this topic. (Alfredo M Amparo 1993)

Such phenomenon had disturbed the school administration even until the present, studies should be made in order to know the cause of the phenomenon. There was a growing concern about the problems of individual students in most colleges and universities underlying the philosophy of the personnel work program. There is a belief that every students possesses the ability to assess his needs, interest and aptitudes realistically and thus capable of directing and realizing himself as a person and as an effective element of the society. But as a teenager students sometimes cannot control their selves and become aggressive, too talkative that do not listen to their professors when saying something important. Other students think that when they were inside the classroom they can do what they want and shows disrespect to their professors. They do not care about the professor when they discussed in the front of the class that cause poor rapport with them sending negative body language and not noticing warning signs.

Aside from the behavioral problems observed from the students, academically majority of the students doesn’t pay much attention to their studies and have poor study habit heading to failure of grades. On time of the examination the student are not prepared they cheat answers or copy it from their seatmate. Teaching can be very isolated occupation and for those experiencing problems with students, this isolation may seem even more profound.

When the professor enjoy their jobs, they find work challenging and like the general work environment, they usually put forth their best efforts and perform their tasks enthusiastically, historically, work has been viewed as a provider of opportunity to share in the task of developing and sustaining the universe and its inhabitants. Professors must learn how to deal with their students to create harmonious relationship toward goal and objective accomplishment. Professor working subordinates without conflict encourage a cooperative environment and promote a sense of enthusiasm.

Problems usually cropped due to the misinterpretation of what is due or what is expected both professor and students of paramount importance in every learning experience is to know the problem and find ways to solve it. Furthermore, since student is dependent upon that of the professor, the researcher got interested to this study to determine the common problems of the professors. This study will also dwell on the problems met by them in the discharge of their functions. To know on how professors handle this kind of problems and to discover ways to help professors prevent and respond to those students behavior.

II. Statement of the Problem

This study aims to study to seek the answers of the following questions:

1. What is the profile of the customs administration students in terms of:

1. Age

2. Gender

3. Status

4. Family Income

5. School Last Attended

1.5.1. Public

1.5.2. Private

6. Residential

2. What is the level of learning satisfaction of the customs administration students in terms of:

1. Theoretical Application

2. Problem Computations

3. Academic Lectures

4. Practical Applications

3. What are the causes of the problems commonly encountered by the professors as perceived by the respondents with respect to:

1. Emotional Response and Attitudes

2. Mental Abilities and Specific Aptitudes

3. Social Adjustment

4. Joy and Humor

5. Lack of Discipline

6. Family Orientation

4. What are the possible solutions that may be proposed to overcome the problem encountered by the respondent:

1. Develop desirable emotional control

2. Understanding the level of intelligence of the students

3. Awareness about environmental condition

4. Proper imposition of classroom rules and regulations

5. Guidance and counselling

III. Research Objectives

1. To know the common problems encountering by BSCA professors in dealing with their students.

2. To find out how the professors are able to hold on their job inspite of those opposing and pressing problems.

IV. Scope and Delimitation of the Study

This study entitled “Common Problems Encountered by BS Customs Administration Professors in dealing with their Customs Students” is limited only to the problems commonly encountered by the professors and the possible measures undertaken to eliminate such problems. The study also includes the causes of the problems.

This said study will also include the survey that we will gathered from the customs students, the researchers will find out some factors that affects the relationship between the professors and students. Profile of the students will also included, wherein it serve as a basis in determining the problems being encountered by the professors in their dealing with the students.

The study will be conducted in Second Year level of Customs Administration, wherein it composed of forty(40) students.

V. Significance of the Study



I. Related Literature

The researchers review some of the studies and work of their authorities which are similar and related to the present study.

Human being are not contented to remainstatic, indeed they find it is not possible. They are part of constant process, constant change and derive environment from the fact that to a great deal they can influence and control change (Dalton E.Mcfarland).

A problem is a situation that prevents a person in achieving his/her goal. A problem can end in several ways. The best ending for a problem is a solution, one or more parties with the problem has their objectives met fully. An idea solution maximizes the value of the outcome to all concerned. It is often better to resolve a number of problems in a given time frame that spend available time on a maximum solution for one problem. The second ending is a resolution. In resolution the problem is satisfied. Satisfying means that result is not best, but it is good enough. All parties with the problem agree to the solution. The finish ending is dissolution. For this outcome change is made in some part of the environment and the problem disappears(Alfredo,1993).

Educators have long understood that behavior difficulties can keep students from functioning productively in class. Many school personnel have been considering the effects of behavior on learning for some time. The 1997 Amendments to the IDEA take that consideration one step further: the relationship between behavior and learning must not only be considered but acted upon. The Amendments have addressed this issue by requiring teams charged with developing individualized education programs (IEPs) to conduct a functional behavioral assessment and to implement behavior intervention plans that utilize positive behavioral interventions and supports to address behaviors which interfere with the learning of students with disabilities and with the learning of others (or that require disciplinary action).

The requirements specified in the 1997 Amendments to the IDEA that pertain to functional behavioral assessments and positive behavioral intervention plans and supports as they relate to the responsibilities of the IEP team and to the IEP itself are the subject of this paper. This is the first in a series of working papers on developing and implementing functional behavioral assessments and behavior intervention plans. It is intended to be used by school personnel who participate in a student’s IEP meetings. Future papers will be designed to address the special concerns of parents, as important members of IEP teams; and to convey more detailed information on specific topics addressing functional behavioral assessment and positive behavioral intervention plans and supports.

In order to give readers a cursory background in the topics addressed herein, the concept of a functional behavioral assessment to determine the underlying “functions” of a student’s problem behaviors is described, as are the process and guidelines for conducting a functional behavioral assessment. Next we offer a review of behavior intervention plans, including a description of how to develop, implement, and evaluate various interventions.

For readers who are unfamiliar with these procedures, there is a sampling of resources available for further study. We use both general and technical terminology to assist the reader in understanding techniques and to provide the vocabulary necessary to locate further information on the subject at hand.

This initial discussion is not intended to provide a complete course of training, but to offer an overview of some of the techniques involved. Further, we do not advocate one philosophical base over another. Rather, we promote a combination of techniques to address behavioral, cognitive, and affective functions of a student’s behavior and advocate the development of positive behavioral interventions and supports that tap each of these areas as well. The authors believe that the individuals charged with the responsibility of developing and conducting functional behavioral assessments and behavior intervention plans should be afforded proper training in these techniques and provided the supports necessary to effectively carry out their duties. (

Students who can, but do not perform certain task may be experiencing consequences that affect their performance. Only when the relevance of the behavior is known it is possible to speculate the true function of a behavior and establish an individual behavior invention plan. As a student there are likely many times in which you have thought about seeking assistance from one of your professor and or teaching assistants, yet have failed to do so for a variety of reasons fear being seen as stupid, have not been to class in a while, do not know what to expect and uncomportable talking while someone of a different race, gender or age. Sometimes, students do end up having to take drastic action. When the situation reaches this level. There is no understand way of dealing with problems. Do not let the fear of change of retaliation prevent you from addressing a problem. Students entering the Customs Administration course will have some concern regarding with their professional behavior. They will wonder what will be expected of them as a student.

In Customs, the individual is faced with varying degrees of difficulties that place her under stress. Those person may automatically depend themselves with a fight, flight or freeze response. Conflicts arise when there are problems. Therefore it can b said that problems create conflicts. When an individual particularly a student experience those situations daily activities that may pertain to studies, grooming, interpersonal relationship, and interest in various fields are being altered. During the time students are in school, situation will occur that create conflict and anxiety. They are caught in the middle of being criticized if they do. Positive thinking and or urge to surpass conflicts are better ways of dealing with time. Students are expected to possess this attitudes to pursue with their career. Much more their open mindedness to change much prevail. And that is when their ability to adapt will be challenged and tested in order to attain their goal (Banaag, Melody et. al., 1995).

The evidence is irrefutable, Surveys of graduates of education schools and colleges indicate that the #1 area of concern of new teachers is their feelings of inadequacy in managing classrooms. Despite clinical experiences, practicums, student teaching, and other observations in classroom settings, this problem has persisted for decades. There is no magic elixir that will confer skill in this area of professional responsibility. We only wish there were.

Classroom management and management of student conduct are skills that teachers acquire and hone over time. These skills almost never "jell" until after a minimum of few years of teaching experience. To be sure, effective teaching requires considerable skill in managing the myriad of tasks and situations that occur in the classroom each day. Skills such as effective classroom management are central to teaching and require "common sense," consistency, a sense of fairness, and courage. These skills also require that teachers understand in more than one way the psychological and developmental levels of their students. The skills associated with effective classroom management are only acquired with practice, feedback, and a willingness to learn from mistakes. Sadly, this is often easier said than done. Certainly, a part of this problem is that there is no practical way for education students to "practice" their nascent skills outside of actually going into a classroom setting. The learning curve is steep, indeed.

As previously mentioned, personal experience and research indicate that many beginning teachers have difficulty effectively managing their classrooms. While there is no one best solution for every problem or classroom setting, the following principles, drawn from a number of sources, might help. Classroom teachers with many years of experience have contributed to an understanding of what works and what doesn't work in managing classrooms and the behavior of students. The following information represents some of the things that good classroom teachers do to maintain an atmosphere that enhances learning. It is written in straightforward, non-preachy language, and will not drive you to distraction with its length. I think most students appreciate that. With that in mind, I truly hope this information is useful to you (Dr. Bob Kizlik).

Teacher’s College is geared at preparing the student teacher to teach in the classroom but it only gives a class or two on how to deal with disruptive behavior in the classroom. Often new teachers come with great lessons but are easily discouraged when students are unwilling to participate and decide to act out during the teaching time. Engaging all students is vital to keep the classroom as a teaching arena and not a disciplinary one.

Students are children who come to school with a great deal of stuff in their emotional knapsacks. Some students are ridiculed on the school bus, others are neglected at homes, some are being sexually abused, others are given everything and the list goes on. As teachers, we desire the students to be willing to learn, but realistically most are bored, and acting out is their escape.

All students have something that grabs their attention. Intrigue the students by giving reasonable rewards for good behavior. Rewards can be as simple as a pencil, sitting at the teacher’s desk, computer time, no homework for a night and much more. Let the students assist in creating the rewards. Good behavior is earned and it is important for students to realize their choices will make them come closer or farther away from their goal. Make students responsible for their rewards and you will be surprised at how disruptive students will try and abide by the rules.

To improve student behavior, monthly create a calendar with smiley faces. Have a calendar for each student.

Each day a few minutes before class is dismissed give the students their calendar and they must decide if their behavior was excellent, good, satisfactory, or poor.

Choose a color to represent the different behavior. For example, poor is red, satisfactory is yellow, good is green, and excellent is purple. Ask students to decide on the colors. All students in the classroom use the same colors for the same behavior.

If a student colors the face a satisfactory or poor color they must write the reason underneath the face. For example, a student may write talking out, hitting, or yelling. For poor behavior the teacher may choose for the student to staple a think paper to the calendar to discuss the problem and how they will deal with it in the future.

After the month, the students calculate the number of points on the calendar and choose a reward that equals the points. For example, excellent 4 points, good 3 points, satisfactory 2 points, and poor 1 or 0 points.

On the rewards chart all students are able to receive a reward but the best rewards are worth more. Some students will be allowed to read quietly at their desk while others have computer time.

It is important for all students to receive a reward to gain the disruptive students confidence. The disruptive student does not have to be excellent every day to receive a good reward. As time progresses in the year, you will see students working for their rewards if they find them valuable. All students want something, sometimes the teacher needs to find out what it is (

II. Related Studies According to the study conducted by Liceria V. Villena et. al. Problems has different effects on the perfoermnance of students with its presence, some student become more attentive, students may reduce chances of committing mistakes. Students become challenged since they try to find ways on how to overcome problems. They tried to be more prepared. Preparation of self is a way that may motivate the student not only physically but mentally as well. This study is somehow related to the present study because it shows effect to the performance of the students that can affect their relationship that causes problems to their professors.

The study conducted by Myrna Garcia et. al. Entitled the Economic Contributions on Selected Manufacturing firm of Batangas City. The findings of the past study revealed that because of a large number of population the management encountered such problem in dealing with communication with their employees. It was found to be relevant with the present study in a sense that both studies considered miscommunication as one of the problems encountered by the professors.

Another study which is found to be related with the present study is the one conducted by Caringal entitled “ Common Problems Encountered by the Employees of BIR, Batangas City and its Effects to Employees Job Performance”. The findings of the past study revealed that one of the most common problems encountered in their study is the lack of cooperation among personnel and othe employees which resulted to feelings of inconvenience and delay in performing works. The findings of the past study revealed that because of a large number of populationsthe management encountered such problems in dealing with communication to their employees. This is similar to the present study because one of its problems is the lack of harmonious relationship among professors and students which resulted to poor communication.



In this chapter the researchers discussed the research design, the sampling plan, research instrument and the statistical treatment of data in investigation.

I. Research Design

The researchers used the descriptive method of research for investigation in order to gather information of the present problems being encountered by the Customs Professors in dealing with the Students. Interviews were conducted to support and validate the responses to the questionnaire. Descriptive research is a kind of research wherein the researchers is supported by a questionnaire in order for us to make descriptions about the study.

Sampling Plan

This study was conducted at Batangas State University. It disclosed on the common problems encountered by customs professors in dealing with the students. In our study, 40 customs students served as our respondents in order to find out their profile that will serve as our basis to determine the different factors that considered problems of the customs professors. Sources of data are related studies, books and few encyclopedia and customs students.

II. Research Instrument

A set of questionnaire was the main instruments used for collecting the data and information in this study. It is composed of four parts based from the statement of the problem. Part one contained the profile of the students, the second part, the students level of learning satisfaction, the third, lists of the causes of the problems commonly encountered by the professors and the fourth, the effectiveness of the possible solutions to solve those problems. It is supplemented by actual observation conducted by the researchers.

The researchers read books, pamphlets and other references; then, formulated a set of questionnaires based and derived observation, interviews and materials gathered.

The drafted questionnaires were presented to their research adviser for validation so that improvement of the questionnaire will be achieve. Upon the receipt of the validated questionnaire, final revision will be made before its administration to the chosen respondents.

The questionnaire will be personally distributed to the research respondent composed of forty(40) customs students. The questionnaire will be connected after the accomplishment.

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...New problems The Disney management style came in for substantial public criticism as early as the pre-opening stage. The fact that the park was operated as a private company—by the Hong Kong International Theme Parks Ltd.—using public funding from Hong Kong’s coffers furnished further grounds for public dissent. Several incidents occurred within the two months prior to the September opening, attracting criticism from local artists, journalists, and legislators and paving the way for the park’s first public apology. First, a Financial Times journalist criticized Hong Kong Disneyland’s management style, calling Disney’s first theme park in China “the scariest place after North Korea.”1 Then, a month before the official opening, local artist Daniel Wu, who was filming on site at the park, complained to the media of the arrogant and disrespectful attitude of Disney’s U.S. staff and vowed never to return.2 After the theme park opened, some of Hong Kong Disney’s work practices incurred further protests from the Hong Kong people. For example, the park’s character performers complained that they were overworked and underpaid. A spokesperson for the newly formed staff union stated that workdays of more than 12 hours and inadequate rest breaks had overwhelmed many workers, causing work-related injuries, such as joint and muscle strain. In response, Vice-President of Entertainment Lauren Jordan claimed that “there are a few cast members who have found this work to be less rewarding......

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The Problem Is ***********

...The Problem is ********* The United States has promised its citizens the basic rights to speech and free press since the founding of our nation. But in 1821, our country took its first steps towards censorship when the 1748 novel Fanny Hill was banned for containing offensive and vulgar language as well as detailing the less than glamorous life of a prostitute. The tradition of removing books from schools for their questionable content has carried on into the twenty first century with the banning of several extremely popular books such as Harry Potter, for its use of witchcraft as a key plot point, The Hunger Games, for its graphic descriptions of children slaying one another on live television, and even the widespread elementary boy’s books Captain Underpants, for its use of bathroom humor frequently throughout the series. Not only these books, but also beloved classics such as The Scarlett Letter, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Grapes of Wrath, and The Great Gatsby have all been removed from the curriculum of many schools in order to shelter students from the taboo topics they discuss, such as racial prejudice, adultery, and alcoholism. Many concerned Americans have begun to wonder whether or not the government should have the power to control what students read and believe that censorship goes against the very foundations of our nation. While the United States Constitution does clearly state that “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech or of the press”,......

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Problem Findings and Problem Solving

...PROBLEM FINDING AND PROBLEM SOLVING “The most important part of any business or invention is that it must solve a real need and a real problem. Observe the world around you – everything you do, and especially everything you don’t like to do – solve a real problem and the world is yours.” - Aaron Patzer, Founder, There is a whole problem process, which involves finding the problem, shaping it and then solving it. Problem finding means discovering something that troubles you and your society at large. It requires intellectual vision and insight into what is missing. Problem shaping, is then breaking it into parts, analyzing the problem and looking at it from different perspectives. Once all that is done, you are left with the simple process of solving the issue to the best of your ability. So, how do we get started? NAILING A PROBLEM “The problem is we don’t understand the problem” ~ Paul MacCready. You need a solid idea for a business and it doesn’t have to be cool, it just needs to provide a solution to a common problem. In my experience, problems in need of solutions have always been preceded with statements like “there needs to be a way to …” and “I wish there was a way to …”, however, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of problems to be solved, the key is to find them before someone else can. 1. Start with Why Almost everyone has seen Simon’s Ted Talk. Most people like it, impart it, and the go back to building products that......

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Optimization Problem

...Technology Vol:7 2013-06-25 Optimization Using Simulation of the Vehicle Routing Problem International Science Index Vol:7, No:6, 2013 Nayera E. El-Gharably, Khaled S. El-Kilany, and Aziz E. El-Sayed Keywords—Discrete event system simulation, optimization using simulation, vehicle routing problem. points or require a solution to be found quickly. Computational time on the fastest computers for optimization methods has been too long for many practical problems. Cognitive, heuristic, or combination heuristic-optimization solution procedures have been good alternatives [8]. The aim of this work is threefold; to present a new mathematical formulation of the VRP problem that uses fewer decision variables, to show how to model the TSP problem as a discrete event simulation model, and to employ the developed simulation model in finding the optimum/near optimum solution of the problem. This paper is organized as follows: in Section II, the basic concepts of VRP and the solution techniques found in literature will be briefly discussed. In Section III, proposed problem formulations will be presented followed by the simulation model development and optimization using simulation in sections IV and V. Finally, in section VI, the conclusions drawn from this work are presented. I. INTRODUCTION II. LITERATURE REVIEW HE vehicle routing problem (VRP) is one of the most intensively studied problems in operations research, and this is due to its structural......

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