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To: Claims Staff
From: Management Team
Subject: Reminder of company policy on acceptable use of email and text messaging
Good Afternoon Staff,
This email comes as a friendly reminder of the proper use of company electronic communications and supporting systems. The Company reserves the right to change this policy at any time. The policy applies to all Users, which shall be deemed to include employees, contingent labor, consultants and other performing work on behalf of the company.
1. Definition
Company Confidential Information is defined under the Enterprise Security Policies Glossary and the Security Classification Safeguard Standards Policy.
External Communication is defined as any communication or an attempt to communicate through the use of electronic computers or electronic devices, which include mobile phones, Blackberries, and Palm Pilots.
Electronic Communication Systems include all supporting systems or technologies for creating, transmitting, exchanging, or storing Electronic Communications. Examples of Electronic Communication Systems include, but are not limited to:
1. Intranet Web (for example, the Zone)
2. Extranet (for example, internal sites provided by the company for its vendors, affiliates, and the like to access.
3. Internet World Wide Web
4. Web 2.0 (for example, applications such as used with social networking, wikis, blog sits, and video sharing sites)
5. Blackberries, Palm Pilots, iPhones, cell phones, and similar electronic devices
6. SharePoint (which includes material contained in document libraries and lists)
7. Electronic mail ("e-mail") (for example, GroupWise)
8. Computers and network equipment, including operating systems and software
9. Copying machines, FAX machines, and scanners
10. Pagers
11. Instant messaging, text messaging, multimedia messaging, and online chat applications/programs
12. External…...