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Process Reengineering in Doctoral Program

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Project Report
“Process Reengineering in Doctoral Program"

Doctoral programme:
A doctoral programme is a research-related programme of higher education study that follows a higher education degree and leads to a doctoral degree offered by higher education institution or, in those Member States where this is in accordance with national legislation and practice, by a research organisation.

Doctoral programme at Alliance University School of Business:

• The Doctoral Degree Program (Ph. D.) offered by Alliance University School of Business balances solid grounding in the fundamentals of the discipline with the flexibility to combine and create new knowledge that is derived from a doctoral student's research interest. • Doctoral students are expected to pursue academically rigorous coursework and work independently on a research topic that develops and leads to the completion of a doctoral dissertation. • Doctoral students will be part of an intellectually-stimulating and demanding environment that requires participation in seminars, interactive discussions and workshops, which are delivered by research scholars, faculty and experts from the respective areas. • Doctoral students are encouraged to develop original ideas, collaborate on research projects, and present their work at major national and international conferences.

Areas for Research:
The doctoral study at the School of Business is offered in the following areas of specialization: • Marketing • Finance • Organization, Leadership & Human Resources • Operations and Systems

In the event that a doctoral student selects an interdisciplinary area of research, the University would consider such request on a case-by-case basis.

|Specializations |Credits |
|Advanced Marketing Theory and Models |6 |
|Consumer Behaviour and Constructs |6 |
|Marketing Strategy and Corporate Growth |6 |
|Teaching Practicum - Development in Marketing |6 |


|Specializations |Credits |
|Advanced Corporate Finance |6 |
|Financial Markets and Institutions |6 |
|Management of Banking |6 |
|Teaching Practicum - Development in Finance |6 |

Organization, Leadership and Human Resources

|Specializations |Credits |
|Contemporary Human Resource Research Areas |6 |
|Performance Management |6 |
|Work Psychology |6 |
|Teaching Practicum - Development in OB and OD |6 |

Operations and Systems

|Specializations |Credits |
|Advanced Production Management |6 |
|Information Systems Foundations and Theory |6 |
|Contemporary Topics and Research Approaches in Systems and Operations |6 |
|Teaching Practicum - Development in Systems and Operations |6 |

The program admits both internal and external doctoral students. The normal duration of the program of study for internal and external doctoral students is three years and four years respectively. Extension will be granted to deserving students on a case-by-case basis contingent upon the progress made on the research work.

Award of the Ph. D. Degree:
On successful completion of the coursework and the doctoral dissertation by the doctoral student, Alliance University shall confer upon the doctoral student the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in Management.

Objective: 1. To prepare and equip students with research skills who can serve in the field of academics as well as in research consulting firms. 2. To schedule classes which could be feasible for faculty and students. 3. To attract students from outside Bangalore.

Process followed at Alliance University:

Eligibility • Master’s degree in any discipline with 60% marks (50% for SC/ST) in aggregate from a recognized University in a management related discipline • A minimum of two years full-time work experience • A high score in GMAT/CAT or Alliance Aptitude Test (AAT)

Selection Criteria:
Candidates are required to appear for the Admission Selection Process comprised of: • Alliance Aptitude Test (AAT) • Personal Interview • Evaluation of the research synopsis on a proposed dissertation work
The School also uses other parameters such as scholastic and extracurricular record and work experience for admission. The final selection of the candidate will be based on the overall performance in the Admission Selection Process.

Type of Courses:
Alliance University School of Business offers 2 kinds of programmes

1) Internal (full time) 2) External (part time)

Currently, there are no full time PhD students in the university and there are 14 part time PhD students. For part time students, classes have been scheduled on weekends.

Course structure: In the first 3 semesters, students have to study 8 courses. Out of these 8 courses, 4 are specialization courses and 4 are management science courses. In the first and second semesters there are 3 courses each while there are 2 courses in third semester. 75% attendance is mandatory. After the completion of every semester, students have to appear for exam and have to score minimum of 60% marks. If they failed to get 60%, then they have to re-enrol themselves for the programme.

Comprehensive Exam:
After the successful completion of first 3 semesters, students have to appear for a comprehensive exam which is common across all the specialization. There is a committee comprising of 4 persons for the evaluation of comprehensive exam. According to UGC recommendation, 1 person in the committee should be from outside the university.

Dissertation Stage:
Research scholar has to submit a dissertation proposal to the supervision committee. After approval of dissertation proposal, research scholar will start writing his dissertation under the guidance of his supervisor. After the successful completion of dissertation student will be awarded PhD degree.

Process Flow Diagram:





Problems in the process:

• No outside students – Currently, there are 14 part time PhD students in Alliance University and all of them are from Bangalore city. Clearly, Alliance University is not able to attract students from outside Bangalore city. The main reason could be that doctoral program has been started recently so people would not be aware about the program. Students have to leave their job if they want to pursue full time PhD program.

A common perception is that during the PhD program, student receives stipend maximum of Rs. 20,000/- per month, while in their current job they are getting much more than that. So, they are less interested in the program. For part time students, it is difficult for students to come to the campus every weekend from outside of Bangalore city.

• No flexible scheduling of classes – Alliance University is currently facing a problem in scheduling of classes. As per UGC recommendation, a PhD program has to consist of a minimum number of classroom hours. Currently, there are only 14 students and all of them are part time students. For them, most of the classes have been arranged in the city campus during the weekends. Faculty has to come from the central campus to the city campus during the weekends which results in a lot of wastage of time. Also, faculty do not have their weekends off due to this program.

• Shortage of faculty – According to UGC, all the faculty who are teaching to PhD scholars must have a PhD along with certain years of academic experience, and some research publications. Currently, Alliance University is facing shortage of such faculty members who can teach to PhD students.

• No international exposure - As of now, no international exposure is given to the PhD students in the University. This could also be a reason why Alliance is not able to attract students from outside of Bangalore city.

• Family Problems – For married students, it is not feasible for them to leave their family and pursue PhD. So, many students think that it will be difficult for them to make balance between their personal life and academic life.

• Faculty and students’ transportation problem – Transportation is also a problem for students, as well as faculty. Since, all the classes for part time students are scheduled on the weekends only.

Recommendations: • Wide advertisements in Business Magazines and newspapers about PhD programme • Out sourcing international faculties from premier institutions • Hiring additional faculties from reputed institutes • Evening classes in week days in city campus • Hire guest faculties from other reputed institutions to teach at city campus • Use of technology like video conferencing to interact with international faculty • Provide stipend to research scholars to bring more interest towards research • Upgrade library of city campus by making a separate section for research scholars

PhD by Distance Learning: • Start PhD program by distance learning mode. For distance learning, online faculty interaction, self learning material, e-learning, pre recorded lecture DVDs and virtual classroom sessions with expert faculty should be provided.

• Students will have to complete course work in 5 campus visits of 15 days duration each spread over a period of 2 years.

• These visits are meant for comprehensive examination, defense of the thesis proposal and final thesis defense.

Jan 2011-2013

Submitted To-

Dr. Dolphy Abraham

Submitted by:
Group # 1
Abhimanyu Pandit
Gowtham Reddy
Kundan Kumar
Lalit Kumar
Mahalakshmi S.


PhD admission notification

Is candidate eligible? selection criteria

Candidate applies for admission in doctoral prog.

Is Selection criteria met?

Candidate admitted for doctoral prog.

Re-enrol in the prog.

8 courses in first 3 semesters

Comprehensive Exam

Exam passed?


Award of phD degree


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