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Dmytro Kovalevych
E 251-01
January 30, 2012
Instructor: Dr.Hulett
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After I read the original version of Tartuffe, written by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Moliere, and watched the two different versions of Tartuffe on youtube I saw some significant differences between the two versions. In American University version of the comedy a lot of things such as the appearance of the actors, their clothes, the decoration of the house looked embellished and unnatural comparing to the original. In the French version of Tartuffe (Tartuffe 1975 La Societe des Comediens Francais) the house looked older, the scenes were more gloomy and real-life. The appearance and behavior of actors in the French version were very natural and similar to the original.
In my opinion some of the actors played better in the American University version and some played better in French version. For example Madam Pernelle in French version was much better than in American and very similar as she was in the original; she seemed to have more authority, was overbearing, and did not like to be contradicted, whereas in American version Madam Pernelle did not look like an older person, and all her arguments with the family did not seem to have enough value. I really liked the way Cleante appeared in French version. The actor who played Cleante was able to transmit wise, honest man from the book into play. In the American “Tartuffe”, on the contrary, Cleante did not look that wise. There is a huge difference between the two “Tartuffes” in these two versions. In French version Tartuffe looks older, he is very unpleasant, wears poor clothes, and looks exactly like a religious hypocrite from the original version. The image of Orgon looked totally different in the two versions. Orgon in the American version looked…...