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Production of Flour from Yam Tuber

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A project report

In the


Submitted to

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

In partial fulfillment of the award of degree of






This project is dedicated to the Almighty God the giver of wisdom, knowledge and Understanding, who has favoured me in all things


My appreciation goes to my project supervisor Dr. A.B Fashina for Initiating the Project and supervising it; and for his Fatherly love.

Also to my late parents Mr. & Mrs. Olukunle Fakokunde (J.P.) for the values that they have in Education which gave them the desire to see me through school even to the point of their death.

Appreciation also goes to some lecturers and staffs of the department. Dr. S.O. Jekayinfa, Mr. Idowu, Mr. Adegboyega, Mr. Abegunrin, Dr. Taiwo for their words of encouragements and for their great desire to make impact.


I certify that this project work was carried out by FAKOKUNDE OLADOTUN SEGUN Matric no: 051100 in the department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State.

________________________ ___________________

Dr. A.B Fashina, FNIAE, FNSE Date Project Supervisor

_________________________ ____________________

Dr. S.O Jekayinfa Date
Head of Department


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Acknowledgements ii

Dedication iii Certification iv

Table of Content v

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