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Position of Rice Production in Assam
Khairul Islam
Research Scholar, Singhania University, Rajasthan
Abstract – Agriculture occupies a vital position in the State’s economy engaging about 53 per cent of the
total working force, according in 2001 Census. The contributions of this Sector in State Domestic Product
(SDP) at constant and current prices are 31.08 per cent and at 31.13 per cent respectively in 2002-2003. All
the agricultural programmes have been assigned with high priority in the Successive plan periods for
efficient use of available resources and to maximize production. These efforts have no doubt resulted some
transformation in the pace of development under this sector, but much more still remains to be done to
bring the situation compatible with other developed States of the country.
Keywords – Rice, Agriculture, Assam, Production.
Agriculture is the main source of income for families in India. Rice is the staple diet for about 65% people and
cultivation of rice is the main occupation of those engaged in agriculture. It is grown in many regions across India.
It is a part of nearly every meal, and it is grown on a majority of the rural farms. Rice is essential to life in India.
India is the world's second largest producer of white rice. Here rice is cultivated in both seasons-winter and summer.
It contributes about 43% of total food grain production and 46% of total cereal production in the country. It
continues to play vital role in the national exports. The percentage share of rice in total national export was 4.5%
during 1998-99. The percentage share of agriculture export in total national export was 18.25, whereas the
percentage share of rice export in total agriculture export was 24.62 during 1998-99. Thus, rice export contributes
nearly 25% of total agriculture export from the country.
In Assam rice…...