Productive and Counterproductive Behavior

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Productive and Counterproductive Behavior
University of Phoenix
Julie McLeod Jenkins
July 26, 2010
Dr. Marie Tiemann

What is Productive and Counterproductive Behavior
Productive behavior can be defined as when a person/employee acts in a specific way that produces an effectual behavior that in turn has a positive outcome. Counterproductive behavior is when a person/employee acts in a way that goes against the ideas and goals of a group or organization. Both types of behavior can have an enormous impact on any organization, both negative and positive. Whether the effect is positive or negative depends completely upon the person or persons and the specific organization. The outcomes of both productive and counterproductive behavior can, however, are manipulated into all around positive effects with certain strategies.
Productive and Counterproductive Behaviors
In an organization or group there will always be people who will have either one of two behaviors. They can either be a productive or a counterproductive behavior type. Those who obtain a productive behavior are likely to have a positive effect on an organization. For example, there are two employees in a clothing store with similarities in their sale figures and they sell the same amount of a certain piece of clothing each month. The only difference in these two employees is that employee A works ten hours each day and employee B works six hours every day. Employee B is the more productive employee because employee B accomplishes the same goal as employee A but in a fewer amount of hours. There is a lower cost associated with employee B, therefore making him the more productive of the two employees. Efficient employees are productive because they complete large amounts of work in a short period of time.…...