Productive and Counterproductive Behavior

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Productive and Counterproductive Behavior in an Organization
Melissa W. Imler
University of Phoenix
April 25, 2011
Judy Manning


Organizations hire employees that exhibit productive behaviors in order to produce effective service within an organization. Productive behavior is referred to in three different forms. Employees that promote counterproductive behavior within the workplace can cause an organization to lose value. Counterproductive behaviors from employees run against the goals of the organization. There are four common forms of counterproductive behavior that will be discussed. Productive and counterproductive behaviors definitely impact the overall performance of the employees within an organization. There are several strategies that can increase productive behavior and strategies to decrease counterproductive behavior in an organization.
Productive Behavior
The definition for productive behavior is when the employee behavior positively contributes to the organizations goals and objectives. In the financial aspect, productive behavior represents the moment the organization achieves some return on the investment of the new employee. Productive behavior is classified into three forms: job performance, organizational citizenship behavior, and innovation.
The first form of productive behavior is job performance, which is a representation of engaged employee behaviors while at work. Another aspect of job performance is that it represents certain behaviors that are later evaluated by the organization. There are two models of job performance including; in-role performance and extra-role performance. In-role performance is the performance of the technical aspects of an employee’s position. Extra-role performance is the nontechnical aspects, which include exhibition of motivation, enthusiasm at work, effective communication, and…...