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Productive Behavoirs and Counterproductive

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Productive behaviors and Counterproductive Behaviors Paper
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Productive Behaviors and Counterproductive Behaviors Paper
In an organization, you will encounter two different kinds of behaviors. There will be productive behavior or counterproductive behavior. In order for an organization to be successful, they must attempt to mandate productive behavior within their employees. Productive Behavior can be defined as employee behavior that contributes positively to the goals and objectives of the organization. (Jex & Rex & 2008) When an employee is displaying productive behavior, there job performance usually will reflect that. In order for an employee to be successful, it is extremely important that they adapt to their organization. When an employee feels comfortable and believes in their organization it is more common to find productive behavior. Contributing factors that can lead to productive behaviors in an organization can be incentives, promotions, and recognition within the work place. A content and successful employee in an organization will want their organization to be successful as well. This will lead to employees wanting to come to work on their scheduled hours. Employees will consider the effect their absence will cause the company. An employee simply attending work does not necessarily mean that they are displaying productive behavior. They must also be productive within the time that they are scheduled. Other habits that contribute to productive behaviors would be following organizational rules and interacting with fellow employees for the good of the company.
When there is counterproductive behavior within an organization, usually the case will be that employees are not happy within the organization. To define counterproductive behavior within an organization you must describe the opposite of...

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