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THE LOSS OF THE CREATURE EVERY EXPLORER NAMES his island Formosa, beautiful. To him it is beautiful because, being first, he has access to it and can see it for what it is. But to no one else is it ever as beautiful--except the rare man who manages to recover it, who knows that it has to be recovered. Garcia Lopez de Cardenas discovered the Grand Canyon and was amazed at the sight. It can be imagined: One crosses miles of desert, breaks through the mesquite, and there it is at one's feet. Later the government set the place aside as a national park, hoping to pass along to millions the experience of Cardenas. Does not one see the same sight from the Bright Angel Lodge that Cardenas saw? The assumption is that the Grand Canyon is a remarkably interesting and beautiful place and that if it had a certain value P for Cardenas, the same value P may be transmitted to any number of sightseers-just as Banting's discovery of insulin can be transmitted to any number of diabetics. A counterinfluence is at work, how- ever, and it would be nearer the truth to say that if the place is see? by a million sightseers, a single sightseer does not receive value p but a millionth part of value P . It is assumed that since the Grand Canyon has the fixed interest value P, tours can be organized for any number of people. A man in Boston decides to spend his vacation at the Grand Canyon. He-- visits his travel bureau, looks at the folder, signs up for a two-week tour. He and his family take the tour, see the Grand Canyon, and return to Boston. May we say that this man has seen the Grand Canyon? Possibly he has. But it is more likely that what he has done is the one sure way not to see the canyon. Why is it almost impossible to gaze directly at the Grand Canyon , under these circumstances and see it for what it is-as one picks up a strange object from one's back yard and gazes directly at...

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...Introduction China China is believed to have the oldest continuous civilization. China has over 4,000 years of verifiable history. Beijing is the capital of China and is the focal point for the country. The official language is standard Chinese, which is derived from the Mandarin dialect. Most business people speak English. There are many dialects in China however there is only one written language. There government is Communist, the promote atheism although the constitution guarantees freedom of religion. China is the most densely populated county in the world with approximately 1.17 billion people as of 1992. Almost 100 percent of the population are ethnic or Han Chinese. There are strict rules regarding childbirth and each couple is limited to only one child. Appearance in China   Conservative suits for men with subtle colors are the norm.   Women should avoid high heels and short sleeved blouses. The Chinese frown on women who display too much.   Subtle, neutral colors should be worn by both men and women.   Casual dress should be conservative as well.   Men and women can wear jeans. However, jeans are not acceptable for business meetings.  Revealing clothing for women is considered offensive to Chinese businessmen Behavior & Manners in China Do not use large hand movements. The Chinese do not speak with their hands. Your movements may be distracting to your host.  Personal contact must be avoided at all cost. It is highly inappropriate for a......

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