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The Impact and Future on Nursing
In this paper I will discuss the goals of the 2010 Institute of Medicine (IOM) published report and its impact on nursing education, nursing practice specifically in primary care and the impact on the nurse as a role of leadership. In my conclusion, I will provide on a personal level what modifications I will make in my nursing practice to meet the IOM report goals. Within the paper I will explore how the impact of the 2010 IOM published report titled “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health” has on the three topic points stated above. The IOM published report was set forth by the IOM’s Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing committee group whose purpose is “producing a report that would make recommendations for an action oriented blueprint for the future of nursing” (IOM, 2010, p. 2). The basis of the IOM report is to provide proposed changes with the newly implemented Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 to the very complex United States healthcare system and how the future nurse’s role should evolve with education, practice and leadership.
The IOM recommends that “Nurses should achieve higher levels of education and training through an improved education system that promotes seamless academic progression” (IOM, 2010, p. 163). Today’s healthcare needs are expanding, diverse and ever changing. Nurses play a large role in providing care but cannot do so effectively if they are not being educated during and after nursing school to meet growing population health demands. This includes keeping up to date with skills and competencies. The impact of the IOM report on nursing education would be lifelong learning for nurse that starts from nursing school. It then transitions into competencies at the professional level which progresses into further higher academic education. In doing this...

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