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Professional Association Paper

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Professional Associations Paper
Alvin Calahan
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Professional Associations Paper
In the field of Information Technology there are numerous associations and professional organizations that are there to assist its members with knowledge and education on various topics in the industry. This paper will provide information on these professional organizations that provides me with insight into what the organizations can do for me as I advance my knowledge in my chosen profession of interest. This paper will discuss some the associations and professional organizations that I feel will best assist me as I pursue a career in information technology and further that career into the teaching arena.
The first association that will give a good insight into the field of information technology is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society (IEEECS). This association was chosen because it is the computing professional’s single-most, unmatched source for technology information, inspiration and collaboration. The IEEECS lists the most up-to-date and advanced information in the computing world, and makes its sources easily accessible to its members by using state-of-the-art information that is available on-demand.
The Association also provide members with a range of technical conferences, publications and digital libraries that enable the top minds in the industry to come together to develop, validate, and disseminate the highest quality information. Their association has professionals in the industry that range from students to advanced practitioners in education. The association offers each member the ability to access information on professional development, certifications, and standards for their professional practices.
The IEEECS is the world's leading computing membership organization and the trusted information and...

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