Professional Competence

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1. What is professional competence?
Professional competence is one’s ability to perform duties of one’s profession or job and to perform a certain task related to one’s job, with the skill of good quality.

2. What relationship exists between professional competence and earning your degree?
I believe the relationship between professional competences and earning your degree is parallel. Professional competence is based on how well of professional quality job one performs their duties. There are several facets that can detour a person from earning their degree such as immaturity, lack of focus, children, and lack of family support. But how well you are able to prioritize and manage in a competent, professional, confident, and successful outlook, affects how soon you can earn your degree and be prepared to attack the professional world with confidence.

3. What strategies might you follow to develop professional competence?
I would try to learn as much as possible about my profession that I can, ask questions when I do not understand something, be assertive and eager to learn more. Take the initiative to do the hard tasks that others are not willing to do. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do your job because you perform it differently than your counterpart. Everyone brings a different aspect to the job and for that you are a valuable asset to that company. Be a team player understand that there is not an “I” in team. Understand that constructive criticism is an important tool for professional growth. Learn from it and move on.…...