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Professional Counselor Burnout

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Depending on the counselor, he/she could continue to control the situation by staying in professional mode, separating personal from business, acting accordingly by not allowing the client assume there is an issue with their counselor, or remove themselves by consulting with another counselor for therapeutic structure.

In the same token, the counselor should understand the emotional and physical concerns of the job and how it will affect one’s personal life. “In today’s society, any occupation has a risk of developing burnout, mainly human service professionals are considered high risk because of the intense involvement and intense emotional connection working, with longevity clients”(Raquepaw & Miller, 1989). The health and human services field, connect with so many clients on a daily basis, yet professional counselors are overloaded.
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G. (2013). Spiritual well-being, burnout and trauma in counsellors and psychotherapists. Mental Health, Religion & Culture, 16(10), 1044-1055 12p.

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