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Professional Devlopment Plan

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Professional Development Plan Batisha Branner
Master’s in Human Services
Walden University
December 29, 2013

Professional development Plan
I am currently enrolled in the M.S in Human Services-Criminal Justice program at Walden University. I currently live in Pontiac, Michigan and currently working in the Human service field. I work as a Case Manager. I assist families with dozens of services to help families and individuals to succeed. I have been in this field for the past 5 years. My experience in the human service field has motivated me to get my M.S in Human Service. Once I complete my program, one of my goals is to run my own program for troubled teen girls in my community.
I started my education career back in 2007. I was interested in becoming a Probation officer. I started and finished my degree in Criminal Justice in Corrections in 2009. Right after I received my associates, I enrolled in school to receive my Bachelors in Criminal Justice in Administration. I finished my Bachelors in 2012. Shortly after finishing, I enrolled in school for Master of Science in Psychology. After taking four courses, I discovered that I wasn’t interested in that field so I dropped out and got a job working as a Social Worker for a detention center. I worked there for about a year and got an offer to run a boy’s home that was closer to my home and better pay. I worked there for about 3 years. The owner became ill and offered me a position as the director. I refused. From the beginning, I knew that wasn’t the area for me. I also knew with my Criminal Justice degree, the areas that I could apply to was not an interest to me (Probation, corrections, Juvenile, Probation, Courts, and Police Officer etc.). I found myself at a dead end. A year after the boy’s home closed, I applied at my current job and got offered a position. I have been...

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