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Professional Introduction in Customer Service

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Since the start of my career, I have seen the changes and evolution of customer service skills. However one skill has not changed and still remains in our customer service scope. It is Professional Introduction.

Professional introduction defines the image of an organization and sets the welcoming greetings to be in standard order. Whenever we discuss professional introduction, we only limit its scope to handshake and choice of words. Is it so?

Few years back when I was working as HR Manager, suppliers tend to fix appointments for our organization strategic plans. I have notice that one of the labour agent suppliers shall never be punctual for meetings and appointments. Whenever my staffs rang him up to locate his whereabouts, he will never attend to the calls. However he will be super-fast whenever his payment is prepared. I noticed his behaviour continued for the next few meetings. After three months, I decided not to renew his contract with us after obtaining another labour agent supplier. The new labour agent supplier acts professionally and communicates effectively for the benefit of our organization.

Another incident occurred at a popular hotel in Johor. When we entered the main entrance, the bell man did not greet us and his expression showed that he clearly snubbed us away. The bell man continued talking with a security guard and his poor attitude prompted me to inform his superior. What happened to the formal introduction greeting in the hotel by placing the right hand on the left chest? It is extinct or complete ignorance by several employees that do not understand the term ‘professional’?

One of the key vital tips is being punctual when meeting our customers. We do not want our customers waiting for us as every tick of time means business. It is suggested...

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