Professional Moral Compass

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A professional moral compass is something everyone has and lives by. In the nursing practice, an individual’s personal, cultural, and spiritual values contribute to their worldview and philosophy of nursing. One’s personal values, philosophy, and worldview may conflict with his or her obligation to practice, creating an ethical dilemma. In addition, personal values in regard to the morals and ethical dilemmas faced in the health care field affect behavior and decision making.
My personal, cultural, and spiritual beliefs all revolve around my origin. I was born and raised in India and it was drilled into me that I should give it my best in everything. As I grew up and went to nursing school this was my main motivation and inspiration. Now in the U.S. practicing nursing, I have made it a point to give it my all when caring for patients and families. Other values that contribute to my worldview and philosophy of nursing are integrity and responsibility. I try to be consistent with my actions, methods, principles, and expectations. Also, I have learned to take responsibility for everything I say and do. Although it can be hard to take the blame, I have understood that taking responsibility makes us work harder and helps us better attain our goals. These values have influenced my nursing practice in that when I care for a patient, I try to give the same quality of care I would want if I was in their place. Also, respect is an underrated discipline and showing respect to patients and family members will show to them that they matter and they are not just another patient.
The nursing practice is not just a vocation, but a call to care for people with humility and respect. I have the responsibility to be an honest, respectful, and hard working nurse when the lives of other people are in my hands. Also, it is important to follow procedures and obey orders from doctors and…...