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Program Overview – Part 1

Perspectives on Adult Education – EDU 525

Professor: Dr. Cummings

Cynthia E. Wilson

January 15, 2013

Assignment #1

Program Overview

The name of this program is B&C Taylor Life Enrichment Center. This is a Drop-in Center that offers Holistic Supports as well. At this center, they treat the whole person and offer many programs to fulfill their needs. Some of the programs that are offered are G.E.D. classes, job search resources, interviewing techniques, social networking, resume & cover letters writing, linkage & transportation to job fairs, tutoring in math, reading, writing, and on different types of tests, such as GACE, ACT, and the COMPASS, just to name a few. They also have basic computer classes as well as beginning typing. The program also offers referrals to other services that are offered by the county such as transportation and housing assistance. The geographic location for this program is in a community that is predominantly African American and Hispanic with low income or underserved. They try to get the community involved so that it can be at least thirty to fifty percent ran by the community. So far, it is only twenty five percent ran by the community. The community is involved but the numbers are low so now they are allowing people from other communities to participate in the different programs they offer. There are a lot of different opportunities for growth in the community with the different programs that this center offers. Just about anything that the people in the community may need the center offers it at little or no cost at all. This program is designed to serve the underserved people in the county in which it is located in. That’s why it was placed in the area in which it’s at. It focuses on the whole family (person) to get them better themselves and build up their self-esteem.

Some of the main issues of the program are: (Language barriers) Although the community is predominantly African American and Hispanic there are no employees that speak and/or understand Spanish so the Hispanic part of the community loses out unless the speak and/or understand English. (Cultural issues) Because no one has much knowledge of the Hispanic cultural do to the lack of training and understanding of that culture and there are no Hispanic employees or anyone there that has researched their culture this is the barrier that keeps the Hispanics from the center, however, some do come but they speak little English so they may bring their children with them to help them. (Up to date technology is not being used) Because up to date technology is not being used in the center so they are falling behind in technology skills and research. And (Lack of Training of the Employees) because the employees have little or no training they have issues with proper communication with the clients and their fellow co-workers. They also do not know how to fully work the equipment that they are to work on and teach the clients on how to operate it.

The participants in the present program age group varies from sixteen to seventy two, (the minimum age is sixteen for the program however younger children are welcome if accompanied with a guardian). The types of learners vary from drop outs with a fourth grade education to those that may have a college degree and are in the business world but may have an addiction of some sort or just need help on computer skills or needing tutoring of some sort. There are males and females that take part of the program as well. The clients attitude towards learning for the most part is positive, they want to learn in order to be successful in their future and the future of their children or family, they are generally willing to learn, but, from time to time they may come in frustrated from one thing or another. There are also classes that teach them proper English and terminology for those who may speak slang or broken English, and because of the type of community that the program is located in these classes are very helpful. Most of the clients that do not have a college education talks about going on and getting one after they finish their GED in hopes of encouraging their children in receiving a college education as well. Some of the clients are the first ones in their family to even receive some type of degree (GED) of any sort. So their attitude towards learning is mainly positive for the most part.

Three of the primary goals of the program are: Vocational and Educational Services, Hosting Recovery and Family Support Groups, and Helping to get the Community Employed.

With the first goal listed B&C Taylor LEC offer a variety of educational and vocational services including but not limited to, basic computer skills, GED classes, tutoring for math, reading, and writing as well as for the COMPASS, GACE, SAT, and ACT testing, the second goal listed hosting recovery and family support groups, this help the community become whole as well as the families that are being serviced, it give them a sense of belonging while getting help from the addiction as for the family support groups it helps them to learn how to work some things out by dealing with their social skills. The third goal listed is helping the community become employed. With this goal the center helps the family stand on their own and takes pride in their community. The center helps them with job search, resume and cover letter writing, job referrals, the center have classes in stress management on the job and conflict resolution at work, home, or in the community. It teaches them to be proud and a sense of pride in where they live. It helps them to build up their community.


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Zachry, E. M. (2010). Who needs a second chance? The challange of documenting K-12 dropouts and why adult educators should be concern. Adult Basic Education and Literacy Journal , 75-85.

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