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Assignment 2
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The following table is a relation (Figure 2-a): ISBN | Title | Publisher | Copyright | 0-671-66398-4 | Seven Habits of Highly Effective People | Fireside | 1994 | 0-8109-8052-5 | The Art of Walt Disney | Abradale | 1986 | 0-9616878-6-X | Classics, US Aircraft of World War II | Howell Press | 1987 | 0-87477-888-3 | Seven Years in Tibet | Tarcher /Putman | 1997 |

1. What is the entity being described in the table above?
2. Copy 1 attribute or field from Figure 2-a above
The books Title is an attribute for example: “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”
3. Copy 1 tuple or record from Figure 2-a above. 0-671-66398-4 | Seven Habits of Highly Effective People | Fireside | 1994 | The textbook identifies 8 characteristics of a table that make it a relation. * Rows contain data about an entity * Columns contain data about attributes of the entity * Cells of the table hold a single value * All entries in a column are of the same kind * Each column has a unique name * The order of the columns is unimportant * The order of the rows is unimportant * No two rows may hold an identical set of data values
4. Copy and modify 1 record of Figure 2-a so it violates the relation rule “Columns contain data about attributes of the entity.” Highlight the modification and describe it. ISBN | Title | CustomerName | Copyright | 0-671-66398-4 | Seven Habits of Highly Effective People | Mike Adams | 1994 |

The third column doesn’t have any thing to do with the entity Books.
5. Copy and modify Figure 2-a so it violates the relation rule “Cells of the table hold a single value.” Highlight the modification and describe it. ISBN | Title | Publisher | Copyright | 0-671-66398-40-544-44444-3 | Seven Habits of Highly Effective...

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