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Programming Ch3

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1. Structured programs use spaghetti code logic. | a. | True | | b. | False | | | |

2. In a selection structure, you perform an action or task, and then you perform the next action in order. | a. | True | | b. | False | | | |

3. Repetition and sequence are alternate names for a loop structure. | a. | True | | b. | False | | | |

4. In a structured program, any structure can be nested within another structure. | a. | True | | b. | False | | | |

5. A structured program must contain a sequence, selection, and loop structure. | a. | True | | b. | False | | | |

6. Because you may stack and nest structures while retaining the overall structure, it might be difficult to determine whether a flowchart as a whole is structured. | a. | True | | b. | False | | | |

7. As a general rule, an eof question should always come immediately after an input statement because the end-of-file condition will be detected at input. | a. | True | | b. | False | | | |

8. Structured programming is sometimes called goto-less programming. | a. | True | | b. | False | | | |

9. No matter how complicated it is, any set of steps can always be reduced to combinations of the two basic structures of sequence and loop. | a. | True | | b. | False | | | |

10. The case structure is a variation of the sequence structure and the do loop is a variation of the while loop. | a. | True | | b. | False | | | |

11. Programs that use _____ code logic are unstructured programs that do not follow the rules of structured logic. | a. | case | b. | loop | | c. | spaghetti | d. | nested | | | |

12. With a(n) ____, you perform an action or task, and then you perform the next action, in order. | a. | ordered structure | b. |...

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