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Exercise 8: Meadowdale Dairy Farm sells organic brown eggs to local customers. They charge $3.25 for a dozen eggs, or 45 cents for individual eggs that are not part of a dozen. Write a class that prompts a user for the number of eggs in the order and then display the amount owed with a full explanation. For example, typical output might be, “You ordered 27 eggs. That’s 2 dozen at $3.25 per dozen and 3 loose eggs at 45 cents each for a total of $7.85.” Save the class ass

Program Listing import java.util.Scanner;
* Name: Codi Whittaker *ID: UCCI 005272 *Class: Com 200 * * Group A *Assignment #: 2 *Date due: September 22, 2014 *Date turned in: September 14.2014 * filename: Eggs * Program is working and tested * Write a class that prompts a user for the number of eggs in the order and then display the amount owed with a full explanation. */ public class Eggs { public static void main(String[] args) //Main method { double DE = 3.25; // declaring variables double SE = 0.45; int NO_of_DOZEN = 12; try { Scanner bass = new Scanner(; // creating new scanner device System.out.println("How many eggs do you have: "); //prompting user for amount of eggs bought int eggs = bass.nextInt(); //accepting users input double TOD=(eggs/NO_of_DOZEN)*DE; // calculation for finding how many dozen and singles there are double TOS=(eggs%NO_of_DOZEN)*SE; double T=TOD+TOS; //calculation for the total cost of TOD+TOS System.out.println("You ordered " + eggs + " eggs."); //Printing users original input and the total cost of TOD+TOS System.out.println("Thats " + (eggs / NO_of_DOZEN) + " dozen at $3.35 per dozen and " + (eggs % NO_of_DOZEN) + " loose eggs at 0.45 cents each for a total of: " + T); } catch(Exception e){System.out.println("Error: you must input an interger Number "+e); //Showing user error message because they did not enter the correct information } }

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