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The German Mark was replaced by Euro in 2001 which is still the country's currency till now. The government also pushed the problem of immigration to be dealt in the parliament which decided for a limited number of skilled immigration to Germany form the non-EU workers.
2002: New Jewish museum in Berlin:
Government decides to establish museum in Berlin with the aim of covering two thousand years in the history of the Jewish. The museum consisted of two buildings one was courthouse built in the eighteenth century and the new building is the museum. It was designed in 2001and built in 2002
Moscow-Berlin hotline up again2003
After the coming of the new Russian president Butin to the power, he called for new partnership with Germany. The relationships with Germany were cut down because of the war in Chechnya. President Butin said that he will make new start with Germany as a partner to be a model in all Europe. (CE review )

Nuke agreement strains federal Greens2003

The green party is faced with much and powerful tension for its policies. Such plans for nuclear industry in Germany would lead to the dividends of the party. there was an agreement with the government and the federal party which was opposed by the green party which aims at limiting the nuclear weapons . (CE review )

2003: Germany Country Monitor; January 2001, pN.PAG Exports rose to 0.3 % on the first quarter while imports roses by 1.9 in the quarter since the Euro hit near 4 year height against the dollar. In case of raising the currency, there will be a great investment and consequently, the country’s exports increases.

Germany against Nazi bans2004 :

In March, the German constitutional court rejected on the government plan to ban the neo-Nazi party. (WORLDBANK )
It has been reported that the Nazi party was going up to occupy authority and subsequently action were taken to ban the party however, the Constitution court rejected on the ban.

2004 victim of cannibals agreed to be eaten :

One of the unbelievable stories in murders in Germany was the cannibals murderers as one of the German engineers was chopped into pieces
The man after the crime report the court that he was interested in fantasy and he could make it by chopping the engineer to pieces. He has long attempts to kill his neighbors.

2004 Car sales head for record fuelled by 0% loans

The car sales in Germany exceed the record as many new registrations have been set this year. The reason behind this greater purchase s related to the zero taxes from the country and the increasing number in the car production which allowed for lower prices in the market.
Revving up for another sales record: the guardian Wednesday 23 Decembe2005.

It is expected that car producers of PMW to have reached the lost numbers of sales at 160.000 in 2003. There was a decline in the car sales in New York for this month and it is expected that the decline in purchase will continue for the year in Germany.

In 2005 Article: Stagnation in Germany at the End of the Year: Preliminary data from the German national accounts for the fourth quarter of 2002

There was an opposition which backed candidate Horst who was the former elected president of the country. In August, the streets were full of tens of thousands protesting about the government intention to cut the unemployment benefits. As well as the other reform plans that led to huge demonstrations. (STATE INF)

Economic Bulletin; March 2003, Vol. 40 Issue 3, p83

In 2005, Germany economic watch time line 2005

The Germany president called for early elections as a result of the Chancellor party failed in the confidence vote by the parliament. The election has resulted in close results. Also in 2005, the first female Angela Miracle of the CDU party to become chancellor.
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