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1. Can you (or Mr. Yourprop’s supervisor) search Yourprop’s personal vehicle currently parked in the Company parking lot for digital evidence? Support your answer.
Mr. Yourprop is guaranteed certain rights do to his residence in the United States. One of these rights is the 4th amendment which prohibits “unreasonable searches and seizures and requires any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause.” Employees hired by the Makestuff Company are issued handbooks at indoctrination informing them anything brought onto the company’s property, including the employees themselves, is subject to random search for items belonging to the Company. Reasonable expectation of privacy in this situation should not apply since the handbook clearly informs employees of the company’s right to search. Furthermore the 4th amendment should not apply since Make stuff is a private company and the 4th amendment only forces government officials to acquire a warrant before searching.
The statement Mr. Yourprop made “it is okay because I have a new job already and they were VERY happy to have me come from Makestuff, with ALL I have to offer.” has raised suspicions that a theft may have occurred. Due to the automobiles location on company property in combination with the employee handbook statement the company should feel safe searching the car. The company handbook statement states “anything brought onto the Company’s property, including the employees themselves, is subject to random search for items belonging to the Company”. This statement would combat any reasonable expectation of privacy since Mr. Yourprop was made aware of company policy at the time of hiring.

2. If evidence of this theft of intellectual property can be found, Makestuff Company may seek to pursue criminal prosecution. Can Mr. Yourprop’s supervisor direct local police investigators…...

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