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Project 1

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Information Systems Security
IT 255
Lionel F. Chatel III
Project 1

Project 1 1. User domain: * Made up of typical IT users and the hardware, software, and data they use. The user domain is the weakest link in an IT infrastructure. Conduct annual security awareness training, implement acceptable use policy, update staff manual and handbook, discuss during performance reviews. 2. Workstation domain: * Roles, tasks, responsibilities and accountability come into play in the workstation domain. Enabling password protection on workstation for access. Enable auto screen lockout for inactive times. 3. LAN domain: * Small network organized by function or department, allowing access to all resources on the LANs. Using NIC cards, Ethernet LAN, LAN switch, UTP cabling are just some ways in connecting to a network. Implementing LAN server and configuration standards procedures and guideline can help a lot in security. 4. LAN-to-WAN domain: * The point at which the IT infrastructure joins a WAN and the Internet.LAN to WAN use different protocols for data transfer. Some are HTTP, FTP, TFTP, Telnet and SSH. A complete list of well know ports numbers from 0 to 1023 is maintained by IANA. Applying file transfer monitoring, scanning and alarming for unknown file types from unknown sources would be a form of security. 5. WAN domain: * The point at which the WAN connects to other WANs via the Internet. What goes on with the WAN domain goes through IP firewalls, IP routers, VPNs, MPLS and more. Encrypting confidential data transmissions though service provider WAN using VPN tunnels could help with the security connection. 6. Remote Access domain: * Connects remote employees and partners to the IT infrastructure. Using other devices besides a computer and laptop, you can also use PDAs, cell phone, Texting...

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