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Case Analysis: This case is about TerraCog, a well-known high-tech firm that develop product like GPS for consumer market. This case describes the failure of new project initiated by TerraCog named project Aerial due to organizational conflicts between sales, production, and design, development department of TerraCog. Problems:
Posthaste, a competitor in market introduced a GPS prototype called Birds I at summer 2006 outdoor retailer show that displays satellite imagery in form of static satellite photographs. The TerraCog management were not impressed by innovation of competitor and dismissed the posthaste concept as a vogue. However Product Birds I proved to be a great success in consumer market.
In order to save the position is consumer market TerraCog management decided to launch a GPS with moving satellite imagery named project Aerial without the feedback from Design, development and production department. At last, due to high production cost, non-availability of latest technology and time limit, project Aerial launching was not supported at all.
There was lack of Interpersonal relationship between departments at TerraCog which reflects in the quality of work/discussions. Furthermore, higher management without deciding at their own end should have consulted with design, development and production department regarding launching of new Product named Project Aerial. Also there was lack of internal communication or we can say communication was bit dry which need to be flexible or in short open communication that could help in regaining their position in sales of GPS and would go long way toward success.

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