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Office Fit-out and Relocation Works

28 June 2011

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Table of Contents

1. General Project Information 3
2. Stakehoders 4
3. Project Description 5
4. Financial 6
5. Resource Information 6
6. Organization Chart 8
7. Succession Plan 9
8. Sign-off 9
9. List of Addenda 9
10. Notes 9
11. Appendices 10

|1. General Project Information |
|* Client Name: |XXXX Toys (Shenzhen) Ltd. |
|* Project Name: |XXXX Shenzhen Office Fit-out & Relocation Works |
|* Project Location: | |
|* Project Nature: |Office Fit-out & Relocation Works |
|* Project Sponsor: |
|Project Co-Sponsor(s): |XXXX| XXXX HK |
|Document History |
|Version |Date |Author |Reason for Change…...

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