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SEN 943 Software Risk Management
Final Project Research Paper
Summer 2014
300 Points

Research Paper Objective:
To demonstrate the ability to analyze scholarly articles in the area of software RM related to CSLOs of the course.
Read, study and analyze 10 scholarly articles directly related to the field of risk management.
The links to the 10 articles are provided on the course homepage.

For each article provide:
1. A 300 or more word summary of the article (not a re-hash of the paper abstract or conclusion)
2. A 300 or more word analysis of the models, formulas, processes, or addition to the field of software RM developed by the article
3. A 300 or more word personal critique of the strengths and weaknesses of the article as related to the field of software RM

Each article will have the following headings:
Article Summary
Article Analysis
Article Critique
*Place a page break between each article
The research paper must have:
1. A title page
2. A table of contents
3. 10 articles, each separated by a page break
4. A Ranking/Comparative Essay

The Ranking/Comparative Essay
In 1200 or more words, rank the top 2 articles and the bottom 2 articles that comprise your 10 articles. Describe in a comparative manner why they rank the way they do and include any ways to improve the articles that rank at the bottom two.

EMS Discussion Thread
Feel free to ask questions about this assignment in the course discussion thread in the course online website in EMS. You may discuss the articles in this discussion thread to learn and help others learn especially if you do not understand a point or concept in one of the articles.
Discussions in the discussion thread about the articles are highly encouraged.

Note on Plagiarism
This is an individual assignment. All work must be your own. All work must be typed by your own hands, no cutting and pasting from the Internet or the article itself. You may include graphics from the article if you need to refer to them in your model analysis but cite the graphic in APA format properly.
You may not collaborate on your writing but you may have scholarly discussions about the articles with your classmates in person or in the EMS discussion thread.

Note on Grading
This paper has a minimum word count of 10,200 words (not counting the title page, table of contents or reference page). Reaching the minimum word count will get you a B+ with quality analysis and presentation. Exceeding the minimum word count with at least 11,000 words with quality analysis will put you in the A range.
Papers below the minimum word count will have a reduced point count in proportion to the degree to which you are below the minimum word count. For example, if you are 10% below the minimum word count your grade will start with a 10% reduction in points, etc.
This report will be graded on quality analysis as well as presentation. Sloppy presentation that looks unprofessional will result in reduced points. The professional job market will not tolerate sloppy work and neither will ITU. All work submitted at ITU must be of high quality including a professional presentation.
Good spelling and proper English grammar are required. Citations must be in APA format.
All parts of the paper must be present including the title page, table of contents, page breaks between article write ups as well as all 10 article write ups and ranking essay. Missing parts will result in a reduction of points.

The Summary summarizes the article in a brief manner.
The Analysis section analyzes the models, methodologies, and key designs of the article in the context of software engineering, software modeling, and software design.
The Critique is your personal opinion of the article, looking at it in a critical eye: 1. Was it well written? 2. Did it contribute to the field of software engineering? 3. Was it appropriate for software engineers or did it apply more to other disciplines? 4. Did the models/methodologies/designs make sense? 5. Did the article flow logically and prove its points clearly? 6. Did the article fulfill the promises spelled out in the abstract? 7. Etc.

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