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Case # 16: The Movie Exhibition Industry
It doesn’t take intense or in depth analysis for one to conclude that the movie industry as a whole is heading on a negative path. This negative growth trend is heavily influenced by a number of contributing factors which individually impact the various components of the movie industry value chain but more specifically the exhibitors. Throughout this paper I will be focusing on improving the future strategic plans of the exhibitors while assessing their contribution to this decline and what they and their counterparts could do in order to maximize future revenues and profitability. There are several external factors contributing to the slowdown of this giant industry (technology being the biggest one), we will try to address the key factors throughout this paper.
Let us start with the production studios, which in my opinion are the dominant party in this relationship and therefore will not be suffering the most impact in the next decade. The exhibitors on the other hand will be subjected to the most detrimental recession due to their shrinking targeted demographics and the lack of assistance from their suppliers (the studios). Starting with the root of this problem, the shrinking market, which can be solved by realigning this industry’s business model in order to target a wider frame of the population coupled with a more mutually beneficial alliance between the studios and the exhibitors since currently the boat is mainly being steered by the studios. This could begin by varying the content of newly produced pictures and by focusing on subject matters and movie topics that suit a wider age group range. The industry’s marketing campaigns could also undergo some adaptations and modernization in order to target a greater portion of the general population. Adaptive marketing campaigns could also be implemented...

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