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Project Financing

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This is to acknowledge all those without whom this project would not have been a reality. Firstly I would to convey my heartfelt thank to my Professors, Prof. Mayank Patel and Prof. Raviraj Gohil, who always help me by giving valuable suggestions and guidance for completion of this project.
I am also very thankful to my father Mr. Vimal Garg who provide me a unique platform to fulfillment of this project and provide practical exposure to earn knowledge in the field of sanctioning procedure of bank loans and learn the problems faced by customers and bankers during the financing a project that could be done in a bank.
I also want to extend my sincere thanks to “Agarwal & Co.” who’s immense support and dedicated their time toward it to sharing their knowledge in the field of finance and learn the day-to-day activities that are carried out in the CA firm.
I would like to thanks to, Prof. BALA BHASKARAN (Director of Shanti Business School, Ahmadabad) who provides me this golden opportunity by giving this project.

Table of Contents ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: 4 Objective: 4 Brief Description of Project: 4 INTRODUCTION 6 Introduction of Project Financing 6 Introduction of Banking 8 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY 14 PROJECT OUTLINE FOR PROJECT FINANCE 15 CASE STUDIES 23 CASE STUDY 1 23 CASE STUDY 2 26 CONCLUSION 31 BIBLOGRAPHY 33 ANNEXURE1 34 ANNEXURE 2 34 ANNEXURE 3 34

* To meet the credit requirements of small business units, industrial unit, retail trader, artisan, Small Scale Industry (SSI) and tiny units. * The main purpose of this project is to learn and understand the concepts of...

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