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A. Project Title: Project HEART (Helping Each pupil in Attaining Reading Transformation)

B. Type of Project: EDUCATIONAL

C. Project Proponent: TEACHER’S LOVE GROUP



F. Date of Implementation: JULY 2016 – FEBRUARY 2016

G. Budget Requirement: Php 31,100


Don Romano Memorial Elementary School is located in Brgy. Talavera, Taganaan, Surigao del Norte. It has a population of 348 pupils. It caters Kindergarten to Grade 6. Based on the Phil-IRI result for school year 2015-2016 (refer to IX. Attachments No. 1), sixty-two out of 348 pupils are within the frustration level. When a child is no longer able to decode, analyze, and evaluate text, he is said to have reached his frustration level. This result is a problem since their academic performance in other subjects was also affected. Thus, the purpose of this project is to aid the pupils by transforming them from frustration level to instructional level until they reach the independent level in order to improve their academic performance. This project also aims to inculcate to the pupils the love for reading and its importance to the society.


|Objectives |Strategies |
|To lessen the number of pupils within the frustration level. |Conduct Reading Remediation |
| |It is a change in instruction that helps remedy a weakness in |
| |the area of reading. (Refer to IX. Attachments No. 2. Reading |
| |Intervention Plan) |
| |FWAW ( Five Words in a Week) |
| |Encourages pupils to learn and master one word a day for 5 days|
| |a week. |
| |Buddy System/Peer Tutoring |
| |A pupil who knows how to read well reads with a student who |
| |can’t read well. |
|To establish a positive perspective towards reading. |Storytelling |
| |DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) |
| |A 15 to 20 minutes daily activity devoted to reading a book or |
| |any reading materials available in the school. |
| |DIRT (Daily Independent Reading Time) |
| |The students are actually choosing something to read that is at|
| |a level of difficulty so they can read fluently and understand |
| |what they are reading and it is something that students can do |
| |regularly for sustained periods of time, preferably a half hour|
| |session, although beginning readers may commence doing this for|
| |a shorter period of time. The teacher monitors the pupil’s |
| |performance through a rubric. |
| |(Refer to IX. Attachments No. 3) |

IV. DESIRED IMPACT AND OUTCOME OF THE PROJECT • What are the long term effects of the project?

❖ The long term effects of this project are the following:

➢ Enhances the ability of the learners in reading skills.

➢ Widens vocabulary skills.

➢ Develops communication skills.

➢ Helps to improve the academic performance of the pupils.

• What are the specific measures to sustain the project?

❖ In order to sustain this project successfully these are the specific measures:

➢ Make a reading intervention plan.(Refer to IX. Attachments No. 2)

➢ Provide appropriate reading materials. (Refer to IX. Attachments No. 4)

➢ Conduct pre and post oral/ silent reading. (Refer to IX. Attachments No.5)

➢ Evaluate reading level of the learners.

• What are the linkages with other initiatives or reforms in the sector, in other development or governance concerned?

➢ The General PTA Officers will help in the conduct of an information drive through a Parents' Forum. They will also pledge to support in giving of honorarium to the Para teachers.

➢ Don Romano Memorial Elementary School Alumni Association will give their 100% participation through donating funds in purchasing instructional materials.

➢ The Barangay Talavera Officials will give their full support through purchasing of story books.

➢ Hinatuan Mining Corporation, a mining company which is adopting the school will pledge to support funds in the construction of reading center.


• What are the risks/factors that may hamper or hinder the successful implementation of projects, activities and achievements of project outputs? ➢ Lack of support from parents. ➢ Pupils attendance ➢ Apathy ➢ Lack of financial assistance from the school and stakeholders

• What are the measures that would mitigate the adverse effects resulting from such risks? ➢ Conduct home visitation. ➢ Give rewards to the pupils. (Refer to IX. Attachments no. 6) ➢ Provide reading materials that can catch the attention of the pupils. ➢ Conduct orientation to the parents and other stakeholders ➢ Seek assistance from the LGU’s and other stakeholders

|Office/Staff |Responsibilities |Contact Person |Contact Details |
|Grade II & III Advisers |Prepare reading materials. |Mrs. Chona Gonzales | |
| | | |09083456123 |
|Grade IV Adviser |Evaluate the effectiveness of the |Mrs. Melcy R. Mazo | |
| |reading materials used in remediation. | |09108765432 |
|Grade V Adviser |Monitor the remedial classes. |Mrs. Emie Soriano | |
| | | |09981234567 |
|Grade VI Adviser |Prepare the report of the result of the |Mrs. Eva Maquiling | |
| |progress of the pupils. | |09123456789 |

|Budget Line Item |Description |Amount Needed |Proposed Source |
|Reading Skills Workbook |A book that contains exercises for reading. |Php 12,600 |National Bookstore |
|Storybooks |A book of stories for children which will be used in storytelling, |Php 7,500 |National Bookstore |
| |DEAR and can also be used as springboard. | | |
|Construction papers |This can be used during pupils’ activities and also in making |Php 5,000 |K-3 Centerpoint |
| |instructional materials. | | |
|Bond papers |A paper that is used for activities and documentation. |Php 3,000 |K-3 Centerpoint |
|Permanent Markers |This will be used in making instructional /reading materials. |Php 1,000 |K-3 Centerpoint |
|Ink |This will be used in making instructional /reading materials. |Php 1,000 |K-3 Centerpoint |
|Glue |This will be used during pupils’ activities and also in making |Php 1,000 |K-3 Centerpoint |
| |instructional materials. | | |


❖ Sponsors/Sources of Funds

• Hinatuan Mining Corporation pledged to support funds in the construction of reading center.

• Barangay Local Government Unit pledged to support in purchasing of story books.

• Don Romano Memorial Elementary School Alumni Association pledged to donate funds in purchasing instructional materials.

• The General PTA Officers of the school pledged to support in giving of honorarium to the Para teachers.



|A |A CLASS |TES-TED | | |
|D | | | | |
|E | | | | |
| | | |INDE-PEN- |% |
| | | |DENT LE-VEL | |
| |

Prepared by: Noted by:

Phil IRI Coordinator School Head

S.Y. 2016-2017
|Objectives |Activities/Programs |Strategies |Time Frame |Person Involved|Expected Outcome |
|To establish a positive |Storytelling | |Every Saturdays of|Teacher |80 % of the 62 pupils are |
|perspective towards reading. |DEAR(Drop Everything And Read) |Inferring |July to February |Pupils |expected to embrace the |
| |DRTA (Directed Reading Thinking |Rereading | |Parents |importance of reading |
| |Activity) |Visualizing | | | |
| |DIRT(Daily Independent Reading | | | | |
| |Time) |Cooperative Learning | | | |
| | | | | | |
| | |I’ll Pause, You Think | | | |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |

Prepared by: Noted by:

Phil IRI Coordinator School Head


|Title |Author |Description |
|Reading Made Easy for Beginners |Lydia Cuevas-Vicente |This book is an essential tool for beginning |
| | |readers to enable themselves to build basic |
| | |skills needed for a lifetime of learning. |
|Developing Readiness Skills: Materials for|Isaura S. A. Vale, |These materials consist of prototype activity |
|Pupils | |sheets/exercises for the children to work on |
| | |after a specific skill for an identified |
| | |learning area has been developed. |
|Reading for Kids |Corazon C. Conception |It is a worktext series carefully designed for|
| | |beginning readers to prepare them to meet the |
| | |challenging |
| | |world of reading. |
|Fun with Sounds and Letters Volume 1, |Purification C. Balingit |It is a holistic child-centered activity book |
|Clusters 1-10 |Perla H. Cuanzon |which offers an array of carefully selected |
| |Ofelia O. Flojo |and systematically organized experiences. |
| |Lourdes C. Visaya |Children will find the learning activities |
| | |exciting, challenging and meaningful since |
| | |these are within their level and interest. |

4.2. Word, Build, Write

4.3. Word Recognition Grid

4.4. Reading Worksheet

5.1 Grade 3 Pretest/Posttest Reading Material
Name: _______________________________ Grade and Section: __________
Prompt: How do you celebrate Foundation Day? Read the selection below.

Gr. III No. of Words: 50


Literal: 1. Who announced about the Foundation Day? ______ Answer: Ms. Cruz

2. When will be the Foundation Day? ______ Answer: On September 30

3. What was the deal? ______ Answer: To practice the folksongs and dances early.

Interpretive: 4. Why will they present folksongs and dances? ______ Answer: To remind everyone about love of their culture
Applied: 5. What other Filipino customs and traditions ______ do you practice? Answers: Hospitality Helping one another called bayanihan. Kissing hands of elders for greetings. Strong family ties Celebrating fiestas, etc.

5.2. Grade 4 Pretest/Posttest Reading Material
Name: _______________________________ Grade and Section: __________
Prompt: Have you ever tried inviting a friend to your party? Read this invitation letter. Find out what the occasion is.

Gr. IV No. of Words: 59
Literal: 1. What will the family celebrate? _________ Answer: Grandparent’s Golden Wedding Anniversary

2. When will they celebrate the Golden _________ Wedding Anniversary? Answer: Saturday, June 21, 2008

3. What activity in the anniversary is Betty _________ invited to come? Answer: Children’s Hour

Interpretive: 4. Who wrote the letter? _________ Answer: Shiela

5. What is another word for guests? _________ Answer: Visitors

Applied: 6. Why do you think is a golden wedding _________ anniversary celebrated? Answers: This happens only once in a lifetime. It is rare that couples reach 50 years of married life together. To thank the Lord that they have reached 50 years of married life together.

7. What should you do when you are invited? _________ Possible Thank the one inviting. Answers: Send a thank you note. Text a message of thanks. Tell the host you are accepting the invitation.

5.3 Grade 5 Pretest/Posttest Reading Material
Name: _______________________________ Grade and Section: __________

Prompt: How would you describe a ballerina? Read the letter aloud to find out.

Gr. V No. of Words: 76


Literal: 1. How will you describe “toe-shoes”? ______ Answer: stiff-toed shoes

2. What is a “tutu”? ______ Answer: a short skirt for ballerinas what ballerinas wear

3. Why do ballerina wear “tights? ______ Answer: to cover their entire legs

Interpretive: 4. What was the letter about? ______ Possible Answer: about ballerinas and what they wear

5. How would you describe the characteristics ______ of a ballerina? Answer: Such as graceful, light and artistic. (Accept logical answers.)

Applied: 6. What is the importance of appropriate clothes ______ and shoes to a ballerina? Answer: toe-shoes – will protect their toes tutus – will make look more graceful tights – will cover their legs

7. What would happen if ballerinas dance ______ without wearing proper shoes? Possible Answer: They might hurt their toes. (Accept logical answers.)
5.4. Grade 6 Pretest/Posttest Reading Material
Name: _______________________________ Grade and Section: __________
Prompt: Who invented the telephone? Read and find out.

Gr. VI No of words: 79


Literal: 1. What Alexander Graham Bell’s invention was ______ mentioned? Answer: telephone

2. What was the testing? ______ Answer: a new transmitter

3. What happen to the burning acid? ______ Answer: spilled out

Interpretive: 4. How did Mr. Watson receive Bell’s message? ______ Answer: through sound waves in the transmitter

5. What do you think is the effect of the acid ______ to the transmitter? Possible The burning acid acted upon Answers: the transmitter and was able to send message or sound wave (accept any similar answer)

Applied: 6. How important is the telephone to you? ______
| |Possible |It is important because communication is easier and faster. | | |
| |Answers: |It is important because it made life easy and comfortable. | | |

7. If the telephone was not invented, do you think ______ communication would be easy? Why? Possible No, we can’t communicate at once. Answers: No, we can’t receive messages from other people and place. No, events around the world could not be reported at once.



✓ 2 lollipops - 8-10 words are read correctly.

✓ 1 lollipop - 5-7 words are read correctly.

✓ 1 candy - 1-4 words are read correctly.

----------------------- A Deal “Our Foundation Day will be on September 30,” said Miss Cruz, “What are we going to present?” “I suggest that we render some folksongs and folk dances,” answered Perla. “Good. These will remind us of our Filipino culture,” added Ruben. “Let’s start our practice early. That’s a deal,” insisted Susan.

An Invitation Letter

Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental May 30, 2008

Dear Betty,

Our family will celebrate our grandparents’ golden wedding anniversary at our ancestral home on Saturday, June 21, 2008. We shall have a party in their honor. A special activity for kids is the Children’s Hour at
3:00 o’clock P.M. Come, let’s have fun! Be one of our child guests.

Sincerely, Shiela

A Friendly Letter

Read Liza’s letter below.

Dear Shantelle,

Did you know that ballerinas wear “toe-shoes”? They need a stiff-toed footwear so they can dance on their toes like angels. Of course, they also use gestures and body movements to tell a story. Ballerinas wear “tutus,” too. These are short skirt that flows gradually as they dance, while their “tights” cover their entire legs. Why don’t we watch a ballet performance next week? Wouldn’t it be fun? Love, Liza

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell accidentally invented the telephone. He was testing a new transmitter when it happened. He spilled a burning acid on it and produced sound waves. Bell didn’t realize that the sound waves make sound travel to different places. He shouted for help from Mr. Watson who was in the kitchen. Mr. Watson was surprised to hear Bell’s voice clearly. He went to Bell and uttered, “I heard every word you said.” This was how telephone was discovered.

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