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Project Implementation Plan/Cpmgt305

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Project Implementation Plan: Part 2

Veronica Garza


May 11, 2015
James Wood

Project Implementation Paper

In a project it is very important to make sure you’re planning stages are complete and concise. Planning the project and all the steps involved can be cumbersome and seem tedious, however, when it comes to making sure the project is seen through to completion, the Project Manager has to make sure there are steps followed in order to make it to that point. One of the steps involved in making it to the end is to create the Communication plan and the Risk Analysis. The communication plan will outline all communication methods and how certain aspects should be relayed to either the team or the stakeholders. The Risk analysis will outline all risks involved with taking on this project and what their potential outcomes might be.
Communication Plan In a project the communication level is a very important part from beginning to end. The type of method is particularly necessary and is a needed tool that helps assist the project team, the stakeholders and the executive team. “The choices of communication methods that are used for a project may need to be discussed and agreed upon by the project stakeholders based on communication requirements; cost and time constraints; and familiarity and availability of the required tools and resources that may be applicable to the communications process” (PMBOK Guide, 2013). Communication is not only an important factor within a project, is it necessary in order for all involved to be kept up to speed and up to date on what is going on, whether good or bad. The purpose of the communication plan is to make sure all key aspects and elements of the project are documented and implemented successfully. “The Control Communications process involves the activities that are required for...

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