Project Management Analysis

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Assignment: Project management analysis report.
Project management is an important department in an organisation. Project manager is a sort of connecting link between senior and junior level management. A project management means a process of planning, managing resources and working together to achieve a common goal. Furthermore, Project management includes five steps of system development life cycle i.e. initiation, planning, controlling, closing and development. (Project_management)
A project management can be defined as “A process of planning, monitoring, control and reviewing projects by using principles and techniques.” (
“A phenomenon where definition, control, planning, deployment and monitoring comes together to get a common benefits is known as project management.” (Definitions.asp)
“A project management is a summation of all models and methodologies which needs individual task completion.” (
PMBOK categories for effective project management:
A project undertaken by well known university in New Zealand is to design and develop complaint management system for students in a university.
Project Overview:
A university is developing online complaint management system in which students can lodge their complaints on a portal created by university and connected to the website of the university. Any complaints and questions are to be discussed with Susan Bennett as she is authorized personnel. Furthermore, PMBOK approves 5 project completion stages and 9 knowledge areas for successful running and completion of project. Following categories are important for this project according to me as a project consultant.
Following PMBOK knowledge areas can be implemented to make…...