Project Management and Project Success

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Project Management and Project Success

Project management is the facilitation of the planning, scheduling and controlling of all activities that need to be done in the project in order to achieve project objectives. Project management is a very important term in large and small businesses because all businesses are eager to implement new activities, such as the development of a new project and service. In addition project success requires proper planning and help from a management team. A project can be successful if it exceeds customer requirements, the business aims are understood and it meets the objectives.

The aim of this essay is to critically analyserelevant academic literature for factors contributing to the successful delivery of computing projects. This essay begins by providing a brief overview of Waterfall and Agile then moves on to critically analyse them. Following that the importance Risk Management will be discussed.Finallyan additional project management will be discoursed and essay then concluding the main point of the findings.

There are many different types project management approaches, but the most common project management approached which are being used in around many years are Agile and Waterfall.
Agile project management has been around for more than 25 years. This approach was first defined as Agile Manifesto by Martin Fowler and Jim Highsmith. Manifesto has been a controlling valuein entire Agile Project Management models (Robert K. Wysocki, 2009). Agile Project Management was perceived in the January 1986 by Takeuchi and Nonaka which was issue of the Harvard Business Review. The first Agile method was considered in OOPSLA conference 1995 which hold by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber (Cervone, 2011, p4).
The Agile Methodology is based on the concept of iterative development by small self-organised groups. The Agile Methodology…...

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