Project Management Chapter 12

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Topic: Answers for Odd Questions in Chapter 12: The Project Audit
Question 1: Give some examples of auxiliary project objectives?
Answer: Below are some examples of auxiliary project objectives
1- Objectivity regarding scope budget deadlines and solution: Lack of objective in these areas is one of the basic causes of project failure. Decisions concerning the business case for initiating the project and establishing all of its parameters needed to the scrutinized for bias and inadequate diligence.
2- Experienced people at all levels in the project: Having experienced people on both the client side and the contractor side helps in a number of areas. Maintaining a cooperative, problem solving attitude, enforcing milestones and deliverables using professional project management techniques and maintaining continuous user involvement.
3- Authority matched with responsibility: Since a project is usually established with a certain scope but limited budget and schedule the project manager needs to have the authority to make tradeoffs between these objectives. This level of authority needs to be present on both the client and the contractor side.
4- Accountability sufficient to ensure that all parties perform as promised: Accountability needs to be thoroughly detailed in the original contracts and purchase orders. It should include details concerning the project champion the original estimator, suppliers, client team and users, and the contractor team. Keeping projects shorter under six months keeps from diluting accountability through personnel turnover.

Question 3: What occurs in each stage of the audit life cycle?
Answer: The project audit is through examination of the management of a project, its methodologies and procedures, its records, its properties, its budgets and expenditures, and its degree of…...