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Project Management Competencies in the Project Oriented Organization

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Project Management Competencies in the Project Oriented Organization In the project-based organization, project management (pm) competences are not only required by individuals, but also by project teams and by organizations. As project management has to be considered as a core competence of the project-based organization (called in this document the project-oriented organization, POO), this competence has to be explicitly developed by the organization. Source: People in Project Management Copyright: Roland Gareis and Martina Huemann

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Project management competences in the projectoriented organization
Roland Gareis and Martina Huemann

In the project-based organization, project management (pm) competences are not only required by individuals, but also by project teams and by organizations. These competences have to correlate. The pm competences of individuals performing project roles, such as project owner, project manager or project team member,...

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