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Project Management Kf40 Coffeee Machine

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Project Management 2

Project assignment
Spring 2014

Part A.


During the development of a new coffee machine, the KF 40 Coffee Machine (Abridged), several stakeholders were involved, both internal and external. Each of the different stakeholders had different interest, some of them conflicting. The stakeholders, their interests, conflicts between them and the effect they had on the project are listed underneath.
Internal stakeholders:

R&D (Research and development department)
Interests: The research and development department included scientists and engineers working on advanced technology and development of the products. Their interests were development of new and better products, and innovation was a prioritization.
Effect on product: The R&D team certain limitations on how the other teams can work. They made several innovative suggestions that made it possible to meet the projects cost target.

Albrecht Jestädt, head of development
Interests: His interest was in developing the project in the best possible way and to meet the cost target set by the management. He was convinced that using the cheaper material polypropylene was the way to go.
Effect on project: Jestädt quickly emerged as the de facto leader of the project. Even though he was sceptical at first, he ended up acting as a driving force for the project and for the use of polypropylene.
Gilbert Greaves, business director for household products
Interests: Greaves wanted to get the product into the market as soon as possible. He wished to get the product finished straight ahead, and to do so he thought that they should stop be so picky.
Effect on project: Acted as a driving force, pushing to get the product finished.

Hartwig Kahcke, industrial designer on the project
Interests: Kahcke had a high interest of good and innovating design. He thought it was...

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