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Project Management Skills

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Project Management
Question 1: Search the web for ‘‘Effective Project Communications.’’ Summarize at least one website and compare it to what was presented in this chapter. What new insights did you gain from this website?
Communication is vital in project management. Effective communication skills are one of the most important qualities a project manager can possess. There are many mediums of communication such as verbal or written. During the course of a project there should be internal and external correspondence between all team members. This website points out that it is not how much a project manager says but saying the right things to the right people.
As the text suggests in chapter 12, effective and frequent personal communication is crucial to keeping the project moving and avoid surprises. There also needs to be opportunities for team collaboration. The site is in favor of meetings instead of separate conversations. This can reduce the time the team spends in sharing information by half. As the team size increases, the more time it takes to communicate to the entire team. The best communication comes if the project manager condenses or filters the information. (

Question 2: Search the web for ‘‘Effective Listening Skills.’’ Identify several helpful techniques that were not presented in this chapter.
To effectively communicate, a project manager must also have good listening skills. One important fact pointed out in the text is that listening takes more than just letting another person talk. Listening is not a passive activity. The searched site compared the differences of listening to hearing. Listening involves decoding and interpreting the message correctly. An effective listener is attentive, avoids premature judgments about the speakers message, evaluates the...

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