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Project Management Summary

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Session 1
Krajewski Chapter 1: Using Operations to Compete
• • • Operations Management ! systematic design, direction & control of processes that transform inputs into outputs Process ! activity(s) that transforms inputs into outputs Operation ! group of resources performing one or more processes

Functional Areas of business
(acquires!fin.!Resources&capital! for!input)!


Material!&! Service! Inputs! Operations*
(material!&!service!into! outputs)!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Support!Functions! ! • Accounting! • Information!System! • HR! • Engineering!

Product!&! Service! Output! Marketing*

Sales! Revenue!


• •

Process and Operations are influences by internal and external customers considering feedback Two types of Process ! Manufacturing and Service Manufacturing Physical output Can be inventoried Low customer contact Long response time Capital intense Quality easily measured Service Intangible output Cannot High Short Labor intense Not easily measured

Core Process (within the Supply Chain) ! Set of activities delivering value to external customers 1. Supplier Relationship Process ! selects suppliers & facilitates flow of items into firm 2. New Service/Product Development Process ! designs & develops new S/P received from inputs received from ext customer specifications or from mkt in general (through Customer Rltnshp Process) ! 1!

3. Order Fulfillment Process ! activities required to produce and deliver S/P to external customer 4. Customer Relationship Process ! identifies, attracts & builds rltnshp with customer & facilitates placement of orders • • Support Process ! provides vital resources & inputs to core process (e.g. Info System, budgeting, evaluation & compensation) Operations Strategy ! operations implement firms corporate strategy & help build customer driven firm

Corporate Strategy •...

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