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Event Proposal


Prof. Achilles Sansing
Project Management Adviser
Central Philippine University

“young, wild, free”

Prof. Achilles Sansing
Project Management Adviser
Central Philippine University

As students of Project Management (BeCon416), our team is please to put forth our proposal to manage and organize a car party with a car show, Fashion show, and rock bands as a requirement for this subject, Production Management.

With the emerging social and elite people of Iloilo City, We have confidence that most people will fascinate to come and join us for the said event.

Together with this cover letter, we enclose herewith the proposal that outlines the details and management plan for the event. The proposal covers the project and timeline, scope of work and reponsibilities. A detailed, follow-up proposal that underlines the details of the event tentative, costing and other related matters will follow should we come to agreeable terms during the preliminary discussion.


I. Project and timeline
II. work and responsibilities/Committees
III. Payments/fees
IV. Workflow process

I. Project and Timeline

1. Event details

Propose event: Car Party (Car show, Fashion show, Rock bands)
Date/Time: last week of August/1st week of september. 6:00 PM -12:00 AM
Duration: 4-5 hours
Venue: Plazuela de Iloilo

2. Timeline Process

a. Discussion round- development of proposal, discussion and consultation with joint committee.
b. Appointment and confirmation of event,subject to it’s approval.
c. Project meeting with members of the organizing committees Project Manager, setting up to detailed management plan,marketing and promotion, PR, and feedback system.