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Title [should include name of org you’ve selected]
That You Intend to Use for the Course Project (Outline)
Team Designation
Team Member 1
Team Member 2
Team Member 3
Keller Graduate School of Management
PROJ587 Section XXXXX
Professor: Bill Shackelford
Date of Outline

Title [should include name of org you’ve selected]
That You Intend to Use for the Course Project (Outline)

a. Purpose

Organization's strategic plan

b. First point (about 10-25 words per “talking point” and IN YOUR OWN WORDS)

c. Second point (about 10-25 words per “talking point” and IN YOUR OWN WORDS)

d. Third point (about 10-25 words per “talking point” and IN YOUR OWN WORDS)

e. Etc…

Organization's strategic capacity plan

f. First point

g. Second point

h. Third point

i. Etc…

I. Portfolio management process

a. First point

b. Second point

c. Third point

d. Etc…

Project selection criteria

e. First point

f. Second point

g. Third point

h. Etc…

Program management plan

i. First point

j. Second point

k. Third point

l. Etc…

Plan to Identify and resolve possible areas/sources of conflict related to cost, schedule, or quality

m. First point

n. Second point

o. Third point

p. Etc…

Change management plan: Develop a plan to manage organizational and cultural change and conflict that may occur due to project/program/portfolio implementation.

q. First point

r. Second point

s. Third point

t. Etc…

Resource utilization plan: Analyze and plan resource utilization to achieve maximum/optimal capacity utilization

u. First point…...

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