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Topic: Establishing a Construction equipment sales and distribution business into the new Republic of south Sudan
Commodities : Caterpillar construction and mining equipment
Country background
Republic of South Sudan is a newly independent state which has been at war for over 30 years until it won independence last year. The country is vast rich in minerals barely has any infrastructure, no roads, electricity but has a big population. The state has been offered a lot if aid to help infrastructure development and I am sure the need for construction and mining equipment is highly needed.
Internal environment
Planning, Caterpillar will introduce a variety of products by starting with the most needed equipment as per the market assessment report. Earth movers like Bulldozers, Graders and excavators will open the market along drum rollers, loaders and electrical generating appliances. By introducing the earth moving and electrical generating equipment we will focus on road building, construction powering the growing manufacturing sector all primary needs in infrastructure development.
Leading, Caterpillar equipment is widely used in the neighboring states but scanty in Sudan because the construction industry is just starting. However we expect that once Caterpillar through its dealership in Juba establishes itself, we will be in position to make a large impact on the market. Our dealership will manage the field marketing implementation while our corporate marketing division will manage the overall marketing strategy. Caterpillar will use its wide presence in the region to achieve a quick impact on the ground by availing equipment and after sales service.
Organizing, Caterpillar has no recognized competitor in the region but has a wide network of dealerships and representation. Through the dealership network which holds substantial quantities of inventory we…...