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Project Part 1 Task 2: Provide Open Source Server Solutions
For the various servers at First World Bank Savings and Loan, you need to recommend the appropriate open source software for each server.
Tasks You need to:
Research and evaluate various open source software for each server considering the stability and security of the software. Recommend open source software for each server and explain reasons for selecting each software.

Submission Requirements Format:
Microsoft Word Font: Arial, Size 12,
Double-Space Citation Style: Chicago Manual of Style
Length: 1–2 pages
Due By: Unit 3

Self-Assessment Checklist * I have researched and evaluated various open source software for each server. * I have recommended open source software for each server providing rationale for my recommendation.

Here is a list of various open source software for the servers used at First World Bank Savings and Loan.
Below are the recommendations and reasons why.
1. Zenoss
Zenoss is an open source IT Management suite. You can observe and monitor your entire network using Zenoss. It consissts of an alert console, network discovery, performance monitoring, service monitoring, and inventory modules. It is enterprise-ready, free, easy to install and maintain, and modular through ZenPacks.
2. Mono
Mono is the open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET technologies. Sponsored by Novell, this technology combines two incompatible worlds (*nix and Microsoft) into a single agile , open source and stable realm. Mono allows you to develop powerful and advanced server-side applications on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.
3. Apache
The Apache Web Server is the Internet's most popular Web server, and the project everyone associates with However, there are over 70 other projects under the Apache umbrella. Enterprise-level projects include ActiveMQ, Geronimo, SpamAssassin and Tomcat. Although many of the Apache projects relate to Java (eg. Geronimo and Tomcat), several are stand-alone projects (OFBiz), and a few directly enhance Apache (mod_perl). has morphed into more than just a URL from which you download the Apache Web Server: it's a repository of the most powerful open source software in the world.
4. SugarCRM
SugarCRM is a software suite with a disruptive engineering and marketing model, in a Customer Relationship Management software suite. It takeds a unique approach to enterprise software marketing: You get the product to use, and when you need advanced functionality, you engage SugarCRM for a commercial relationship. The company puts its money and effort into building the product, not marketing or sales efforts. This model has propelled "Sugar" into being the world's leading open source CRM product. *Not recommended as it is easlily hacked*
5. Drupal
Content management systems (CMSs) provide a collaborative environment for social networking sites, corporate Web sites, intranets, community portals, e-commerce applications and discussion sites. Drupal is a CMS that allows communities to publish, share and manage a variety of content on a Web server. Communities range from a few users to tens of thousands. Drupal is modular and has dozens of add-ons that enhance its functionality and appeal, such as blogs, forums, newsletters, podcasting, photos, file uploading and downloading, collaborative authoring and e-commerce.
6. OpenSolaris
OpenSolaris is the x86 version of Sun's Solaris operating system. The two most exciting aspects of this operating system are that it runs on inexpensive x86 hardware and it contains all of the built-in enterprise components (virtualization and ZFS) as the standard Solaris offering. OpenSolaris delivers next-generation computing technology, commercial support and a worldwide development community.
7. MySQL
MySQL, now owned by Oracle, is the world's most popular open source database software. It's available for almost any operating system, and it is drag-and-drop-capable with no modifications from one platform to another. MySQL powers business applications, Internet sites and enterprise tools, such as Zenoss. It competes with the most-expensive commercial relational database systems.
8. Pentaho
Pentaho is a commercial company that offers a community edition of its open source business intelligence product as free to use, explore and change at will. Both editions have query, reporting, interactive analysis, dashboards, data integration and data mining. Pentaho's philosophy changes the economics of enterprise-class business intelligence by serving up its commercial version for an annual subscription priced less than one-third of what its competitors charge. Its customer testimonials speak volumes in favor of its claims of lowering the TCO for business intelligence software.
9. Magento
Magento eCommerce suite (the Community Edition) offers a free and open source method of propelling your business toward those Internet millions you hear so much about. The Magento Enterprise Edition is also open source, but it carries a commercial license for advanced support and functionality. The Community Edition offers full e-commerce capabilities, such as catalog browsing, marketing tools, analytics and reporting, search engine optimization, mobile commerce, checkout, shipping and customer service modules.
10. Java
Java technologies have powered enterprise applications since 1995. Java currently powers more than 800 million PCs, 2 billion handheld devices and 3.5 billion smart cards as well as a host of set-top boxes, Web cams, games, medical devices and much more. With uptake by major companies such as Oracle (Java's new owner) and IBM, Java is a technology to watch and embrace for all levels of enterprise use.

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