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Project Part 3 - Executive Summary

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Summary of the Project part 3 is regarding the use of a Kernel & Recommended Software Management Plan for Linux, the need to install anti-virus software on Linux servers, & how to manage critical and noncritical security-related updates.
Regarding the Kernel used to support the Linux based infrastructure is to use one of the vendors available (Red Hat, Novell, or Canonical/Unbuntu). Of these there were only two (Red Hat & Unbuntu) that are ready for enterprise systems and do a great job with customization. No matter what is chosen (open-source or vendor distribution), the first thing that needs to be done is to update the security. It cannot be stress enough that you must not implement security updates to a “live” network. Any security updates that are sent out by authorized personnel to use on the live network, must first be thoroughly tested inside a virtual “test’ environment.
It is mentioned that the stock kernel option (open-source) is not recommended due to the amount of information that is needed to sort through in order for the specific needs of the industry (organization). Because of the work-load involved in sorting through system software that is used, and not all of the system software that is used will be listed. This is a complete waste of time and resources.
The second thing mentioned is for a software management plan. It is recommended to use RPM as the software management tool, which forms the core of administration on most systems. The main page for RPM is not very user friendly, but listed were some recommended locations for the “Maximum RPM” book that is basically required reading if you’re planning on building RPM packages. It goes on to list the issues suffered by systems from malware and viruses, and how to manage critical and noncritical security-related updates.
The steps listed to harden the system security updates that are recommended, are in short, turning off any unused services, installing IP filters or firewall rules, where available, and installing ssh and tcpd. This last step is so that logging into a remote system or executing commands on a remote system, using encryption commands for communication between systems, and using session encryption protects you from dishonest packet sniffers looking to access the packets traveling between the network.

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