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Project Proposal Format

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|RMIT International University Vietnam |Format – Project Proposal (25%) |
|Business Commerce Department |Assignment 1 |
|ACCT2118 Industry Project |Min. word count: 1200 words (max +10%) |
| |(excl assignment cover page & reference list) |
|Due Date: midnight, Sun, week 6 | |

Format –Project Proposal

PART 1: Project Proposal (15%) GROUP

Assignment Cover Page incl. problem statement (title) Your Proposal must cover the below areas:

1. Overview of the issue/opportunity (situational analysis) a) Good explanation of the issue/opportunity of the client company leading to a plausible thesis statement

2. Identification of the specific problem/opportunity/gaps a) Analyse the issues/gaps/root causes for your specific client company b) Synthesize the findings from your analysis into the commentary. You must use a minimum of 2 analytical tools to support your analysis. Tools/diagrams should be placed in the appendices. If you only use 2 tools, use Ishikawa diagram and rich picture. c) Clear Project Objectives are given ( these should be clearly related to the identified issues/opportunities)

3. Literature Review a) Review the literature critically; focusing on expert and academic views on the themes identified for your client company. This should be in academic style. b)...

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