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Project Proposal Idea Analysis Template
This template pairs with the Project Proposal Idea Template and the Project Proposal Idea Tracking Template and provides a framework for the analysis of ideas by the assigned PMO (or similar) resource to determine whether the submitted idea is worth submitting to a full business case process.
The intention of this template is to facilitate an effective and efficient preliminary review of an idea to ensure that only ideas that offer the best chances of success are submitted to the more expensive and time consuming business case process.
* ID: The ID from the Project Proposal Idea Template that is used to uniquely identify each submission. * Assigned to: The person responsible for undertaking the analysis. This should be a resource from the PMO or similar office that oversees the portfolio management/project submission processes and is in addition to the resources from the business teams that are assigned to any analysis. This person should complete this template. * Link to idea template: A link to the location where the underlying completed project idea template for this idea is stored. This avoids the need to duplicate any of the contents from that document and ensures that the information is readily available when reviewing this analysis. * Is the proposal accurate and complete? This free-format section allows for any corrections or additions to the original idea submission. This section should be expected to contain at least some content because ideas will have been submitted by someone who may not have the same level of understanding of the organizational needs as the person conducting this analysis. This section should include any information that adds to the understanding of the proposal. * Is satisfactory ROI possible? This is a simple Yes or No selection for whether the project as...

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