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Project Report on Investigation of Noida Sez Exporters' Responses to Anti-Dumping & Allied Duties as Tariff Barriers for International Trade

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Our project is all about Anti – Dumping, other allied duties and the way these duties affect our Exporters. It also covers the protection policies like “Drawbacks” which our Exporters receive from the Indian Government.
Before going into details about our project we would like to define some common terms which are related to our project like “Dumping and Anti – Dumping” etc.
Dumping: The term Dumping is said to occur when the goods are exported from a country to another country at a price which is lower than its cost of production. It is therefore an unfair practice which can have a distortive effect on International trade. Dumping occurs when the export price of goods imported into India is less than the Normal Value of ‘like articles’ sold in the domestic market of the exporter. Imports at cheap or low prices do not per se indicate dumping. The price at which like articles are sold in the domestic market of the exporter is referred to as the “Normal Value” of those articles.
Normal Value
The normal value is…...

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