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Project Resource Management

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Project Resource Management

Project Resource Management is the process of managing the allocation, application and utilization of resources (people, finances and equipment) throughout the project lifecycle.

Question 1
You have been appointed as the project manager for a large project.
Describe how you would acquire, develop and motivate your team

1. Acquiring the Project Team

1. Define Acquiring the Project Team
It is the process of obtaining the specific people needed to accomplish all phases of the given project.

1. Characteristics of Acquiring a Project Team
A project manager must consider the following characteristics: • Costs – How much will each team member be paid? • Experience - What is the experience of the project team member? Have they done similar work in the past-and have they done it well? • Interest level - Are the project team members interested in working on this project? • Characteristics - How will this individual team member work with other project team members? • Availability - Will the project team members desired for the project be available? • Knowledge - What is the competency and proficiency of the available project team members? 2. Tools and Techniques for Acquiring the Project Team

The tools and techniques you will use for acquiring a project team are: Pre-assignment In some cases, there will be some staff members already assigned to the project. This can happen, for example, due to the following situations:
• A staff member was promised as part of a specific proposal to compete with another proposal. Acceptance of this proposal automatically affirms that staff-member assignment.
• There is only one person in the organization who has the expertise to perform a specific activity.
• A staff assignment was specified in the project charter.…...

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