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BSB51407 - Diploma of Project Management

Manage Project Time
Assessment Activities & Exercises

Candidate Details
Assessment – BSB51407 - Time
Please complete the following activities and hand in to your trainer for review. This forms part of your assessment.
Name: _____________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________
Email: _____________________________________________________________
Employer: _____________________________________________________________
I declare that no part of this assessment has been copied from another person’s work with the exception of where I have listed or referenced documents or work and that no part of this assessment has been written for me by another person.
Signed: ____________________________________________________________
Date: ____________________________________________________________
If activities have been completed as part of a small group or in pairs, details of the learners involved should be provided below;
This activity workbook has been completed by the following persons and we acknowledge that it was a fair team effort where everyone contributed equally to the work completed. We declare that no part of this assessment has been copied from another person’s work with the exception of where we have listed or referenced documents or work and that no part of this assessment has been written for us by another person.
Learner 1: ____________________________________________________________
Signed: ____________________________________________________________

Learner 2: ____________________________________________________________
Signed: ____________________________________________________________

Learner 3:...

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