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Assignment 1.
Plan an activity in project form with specific instructions using appropriate material(s). 2. The Project should specify:
A) The materials used
B) The utility of the materials used (i.e. why such materials are being used)
C) The project in detail
( i) the level the project is suitable for.
(ii) The length of time required for the project.
(iii) The subject(s) being taught through that project.
The topic area is rich enough to support projects at all grade levels, but this experiment is listed as a 3rd grade science project since I believe it is the first age group that can perform the steps needed with very little supervision. Under the right circumstances, it could also be used as a 4th grade science project, or possibly even as late as 5th grade.
This project is designed to help young students learn more about earth science by looking specifically at volcanoes. We'll also learn how common household items can be used to build useful models, with an element of creativity required to make the model realistic. Hopefully we'll discover a few new science terms along the way as well. The experiment is done in two steps. First, we figure out how to make a volcano, and then we look at fun ways to make it erupt.
It will take at least one class period for the children to make a volcano with paper-Mache, another to paint and a third to add final decorations and make it erupt. At least one full day will be needed between these steps to allow for drying time.
- 1 newspaper
- 1-2 cups flour, depending on the volcano size desired
- 1-2 cups water
- 1 medium size bowl
- 1 fork or spoon to stir with
- 1 pair of scissors
- 1 rolls scotch or masking tape
- 1 small plastic bag
- 1 pencil or marker
- 1 plastic or glass bottle
- 1 medium size box
- Paint
- 1 medium size paint brush
- Rocks, sticks, tips of pine trees or shrubs and decorations things to make the volcano more realistic
First, just about any drink bottle will work; the bottle size will determine volcano height. That's why the amount of flour and water is shown as variable. Second, having sides around the volcano helps keep the "lava" in part 2 of the project contained. However, if having sides is not desired, then a substitute of flat piece of cardboard, or even some thin plywood for the box as a stable base for the model volcano. Finally, any paint will do, but a water based acrylic is recommended for the easy clean up. They also dry quickly with little need to vent paint fumes. Green, blue, yellow, red, white and black or brown provide plenty of variety. We cut the bottom out of a small Styrofoam glass to use for mixing colors and dispensing the paint.
Get a medium size box and mark where you want to cut the sides.
Cut the box, but do not discard the sides.
Place the bottle in the box and draw a circle around its base big enough for the bottle to slip through.
Cut the box sides into about 1 inch strips.
Cut the hole and make sure the box fits over the bottle.
Cover the bottle with a small plastic bag to keep building materials from sticking to the side of the bottle.
Make a volcano structure around the bottle with 1 inch cardboard strips that were left over from the cutoff sides of the box. Use staples to hold the strips together if desired, put plenty of tape around the crater of the volcano, and do not to cover the top of the bottle up.
Mix about a cup of flour with enough water to make homemade paste. It should be about the consistency of elmer’s glue.
Cut or tear several dozen 1 inch strips of newspaper, leave at least a sheet or two to put under the box to make the cleanup part easy.
Holding one end of a newspaper strip, drag it through the paste and gently squeegee off any excess glue with fingers on your other hand. The goal is for the paper to be wet, but not dripping with glue.
Add each glue-soaked strip of newspaper to the volcano support structure, gently smoothing each down as you go. If the forming mountainsides get too much glue on them, just add some dry strips to soak it up.
Continue until there are several layers of newspaper strips over the entire mountain, and on the bottom of the box.
If you picked a larger bottle, you may need to mix more paste and cut more paper strips to get to this point, when done clean up and let the model volcano dry.
Green makes a great start for grass, trees, etc. Brown can be used for that. Sky is blue ... etc. Paint the volcano to make it as realistic as you can. Let the paint dry first.
Decorate the volcano to make it look more realistic. Add rocks, sticks for fallen tree-trunks, bushes, maybe even houses from a monopoly set, etc.
TO MAKE IT ERUPT (Materials needed) 1/4 cup vinegar (up to a cup if you have a large bottle) 2 tablespoons baking soda Cherry jello granules
Mix the baking soda and jello crystals until pinkish in color and use a funnel to get the mixture in the bottle. Get ready for the erupting volcano, use a funnel to pour all the vinegar into the bottle at once, and then take the funnel out quickly so as to get all the vinegar into to bottle as fast as possible then move out of the way. Lava bubbles do ooze out pretty fast once the reaction starts.

Assignment 2
1 Plan a lesson either Pre-primary or Primary choosing any subject of your choice.
(Note: You may refer to the sample Lesson plans already given in this phase)
2. Your lesson should follow the given format.
3. It should specify:
a) The target level the lesson is aimed at.
b) The time required to complete the lesson (e.g.40 mins)
c) The chosen subject
d) Aims the lesson wants to achieve.
e) Concepts introduced through the lesson.
f) Step by step implementation of the lesson (please use the format given in phase8 LESSON PLAN NO: 1 DATE: 18,June 2013 | TRAINEES NAME: Juweiriya senga TRAINER’S SIGNATURE: J.S | TOPIC: parts of the body | LEVEL: grade 1 AGE GROUP: 6-7yrs | NUMBER OF STUDENTS:20 | TIME: 45 minutes | AIDS REQUIRED: flash cards, a poster of a human body ,worksheets | AIM OF THE LESSON:(i)psycho-motor: learn the work of each part of the body(ii)main focus/target to be achieved: students should show and tell parts of their bodies, to able to write and spell the words correctly, student should develop confidence(iii) General aim: each student at the end of the lesson should be able to identify and name parts of their body, be able to write down vocabulary, able to pronounce the words properly as well as develop speaking confidence | CONCEPT(S)INTRODUCED: the ability to recognize and name the parts of the human body | VOCABULARY INTRODUCED:head,shoulders,knees,toes,eyes,ears,nose,hair,face,nake,hands |

TIME ALLOTED/ACTIVITY | TEACHERS ACTIVITY | STUDENTS ACTIVITY | ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS | 5 minutes | Introducing parts of the body by showing parts of my body and using expressions such as- this is my arm and asking the students to show their armsThis is my ear and asking the students to show their ear etc. | Listening carefully to the teacher and answering the questions asked by the teacher by showing their arms ears etc. | Few students had problems in responding to what the teacher had been asking them to do. | 5 minutes | Displaying a picture of a man with labeled parts of a body and ask students to repeat them chorally and then individually | Students to look on the displayed picture and repeat them chorally and individually. | Few students had problems in repeating the newly acquired words. | 5 minutes | Going outside the school environment telling students to stands on a circle and then Introducing a song called ‘head, shoulders ,knees and toes | Students to go outside ,stand in a circle and start singing the song head shoulders knees and toes by showing their parts of the bodies mentioned in the songs | Few students could not sing the song properly. | 10 minutes | Introducing a game called Simon says focusing on body parts during the game by saying Simon says touch your belly, Simon says touch your fingers, Simon says touch your feet’s | Students to respond to the game by listening to what the teacher will tell them on what Simon says and then do the actions | Some students were not responding to the game. | 10 | Returning back with the students in the classroom then telling the students form five groups with four students each provide flash cards with images of body parts and start doing observation | Students getting back in the class and form the five groups told by the teacher and start working on the flash cards by observing the pictures on the parts of the body. | Few students did not respond. | 10 | Providing labeling worksheets in their groups to the students so that they can fill the blanks Going through each group checking the work and correcting | Students to label the worksheets by discussing with each other Students to do corrections of the wrong mistakes they got | Few students in some group did not interact with others and did not do the corrections. |

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