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Promote products and services
You have been employed as the Product Promotional Manager. The organization that you work for has recently came up with a new product. The organization has assigned you to create the promotion for the product. You have an option of brand organization that you desire to do this project.

Sony Xperia Z2

Promotional strategies
Promotion is the method what I’m using to spread the word about my product and service to customers, stakeholders and the broader public. Once I’ve identified my target market, I’ll have a good idea of the best way to reach them, but most businesses use a mix of advertising, personal selling, referrals, sales promotion and public relations to promote their products or services.

Sony will use these promotional strategie: * Social media * Mail order marketing * Product giveaways * Causes and charity * Press advertising * Outdoor (billboards, bus shelters etc….) * Cinema * Online advertising * Pricing strategies
Sony will serve around city centrum area and huge malls.
Our business is based on 2 simple facts: * We offer much more better technology compare to older Sony models. * We offer new functions which nobody else have on the market yet.

Brief description of the products and services we will offer

Sony Xperia Z2 offer a lot new features compate to older models and other brands on market such as 4K video capture with a large 1/2.3” 20.7 MP Exmor RS™ for mobile image sensor This combination means the Xperia Z2 has the same quality and performance as a real compact digital camera. The result is sharp, clear and bright images – always. The Xperia Z2 lets you capture everything you see in brilliant high resolution 4K video. Four times the detail compared to Full HD 1080p image quality, your footage is delivered in Ultra High Definition, for unparalleled sharpness full of authentic details. This model supports 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution and playback on a 4K TV or projector using the latest MHL 3.0 connector.
The Xperia Z2 is built using Sony TV display technologies optimised for mobile. It comes with Live Colour LED, for increased colour depth and gradation. And the IPS gives an excellent viewing angle and accurate colours from edge to edge. The large, high-resolution 5.2” Full HD TRILUMINOS™ Display for mobile with X-Reality for mobile picture engine has a 1920 x 1080 progressive scan, for incredibly crisp pictures free of jagged edges.
Smartphones use a lot of power, even when you’re not actively using them. All those apps you have on your Android smartphone may still be running in the background, draining your battery. Battery STAMINA Mode minimises battery drain. It recognises when you’re not using your display and automatically turns off the functions you don’t need, while keeping the notifications you want.
The Xperia Z2 comes packed with a fast Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 processor. It offers power and speed with great battery time – run multiple apps simultaneously, surf the web with little loading time and stream videos without a break. The asynchronous processor makes sure that each core is powered independently. So you get the precise amount of power when you need it, without wasting power when you don’t.
Vision : To be better provider then Apple. Provide lower prices for more featurings
Mission : Satisfy our customers, bring something new and better
Values : Customer is ALWAYS first

* Advertising to let people know about our new Xperia Z2 and keep them informed.
This is essential to promote the business name, it is necessary to spend money in advertisement to gain new customers and also to retain them, the competition is strong and they are using all the advertisement methods to increase their reputation against us. In comparison two businesses can be similar but the difference is made by the reputation and good will of one of them. * Offer benefits and specials:
It is generally known that new smart phones are expensive, but we want to make it cheaper and accessible for everyone, we will continuously offer new and different promotions and special prices.

* Get new customers from a Facebook web page; make sending invitations from our already existing customers:
Through facebook the Sony will gain popularity and that is the way that everyone will know about our programs, promotions, special offers and benefits. Facebook is cheap well known and popular it is the new method used by many other businesses to develop databases and networking. * By offering a discount voucher (coupon offer) to potential customers on special deals / discount website

Activities * Update Web Site and Facebook :
Every fortnight update the web site and Facebook page to inform our clients what is new. * Flyers, pamphlets, brochures and posters:
We will use the usual advertising company to print out 10 000 flyers, pamphlets and brochures and 3 000 posters, for the first year; we will distribute them using post mail and handing out on the streets. * Give one week free trial, when customer can try device and decide if he wants to buy it or return it back if customer provide older device from Sony
My unique selling point and positioning in the market

High-level care and knowledge will separate Sony from it’s competition. Raise the profile of the Sony in order that it is recognised as a quality, competitive electronic brand. My service is designed to deliver value to customers—either to fulfil their needs, satisfy their “wants.” * Lowering costs * Offering more features * Offering free and faster service

Coordinate promotional activities
Our goals should be realistic (achievable) and measurable, if possible. Objectives are what Sony wants to accomplish—the end results they want to achieve.

* To raise awareness of Sony being the most proficient Electronic provider. * To change customer attitudes on smartphones and pricing. * Rasing features with every newer device.

Target group
Ideal customers for Sony are young people who like to spend a lot of time on smart phone or mature people who are looking for easy working device with a lot of functions.
Sony Xperia Z2 will help you enjoy your every minute working or playing on your smartphone. Taking pictures or making a video will become wonderful like never before.

By developing new devices for customers, Body Sony will develop a reputation for quality and customer service.

* Register form for new customers
Will keep counting how many customers we register per week to check the progress of the activities developed. If the number of the registration does not increase by 10% in the first month we will review and reconsider the strategies. * Customer surveys
We will read each one of the customer surveys and complaints and recording their concerns and suggestions. This is the best fount of information to know if our strategies are being received in the best way for our customers. * Accounting records
The financial number will tell us if we are meeting our targets and if the promotions and special prices are having acceptance from the customers. * Attendance rate, monitoring the registration forms.
With the number of vouchers redeemed we will know if the activity is being successful, we will release 10 000 vouchers for the first campaign and we expect at least give 60% of those.

If the target is not achieved properly, we need to support our developing team. This could include: * Financial incentive, rewards * Training program * Competitions (employee of the month/year) * Weekly/monthly meetings (find out the reasons why our target are not achieved, deep investigations)


Sony follows the laws as well as legislations and policies: * Anti-discrimination legislation * Consumer protection laws * Trades practices Act * Copyright

Review and report promotional activities
According to our survey we did evaluation of our marketing activities after 6 months. We can say all our objectives have been achieved; our product did everything what we expected. We have recorded almost desired number of new registered customers; attrition rate has also been dropped down.
We didnt have any problems with functions or features on our device. We didnt have any software nor hardwere problem. We had some problems when people were complaining about wrong device. When we found mistake on our side we replaced their device with new one. Only 5% of sold device were found as bad ones.

* Keep in contact with the clients among their subscription, to know what are their feelings about their new SX2 device. * Reward clients who had previous device with benefits in the future * Reward customers with free month of internet if they found their device wrong. Contingency planning * Develop new device with even more features * Get stronger developing team * Get more people so service can be done faster * Increase of group people who prefer Sony device. Put Facebook information on all the marketing materials like flyer, brochure, online text ads, TV ads…etc. * Give 10% discount on future devices

1) Survey on month 6 shows that 10% of new members registered through Facebook and similar websites
As an improvement we decided to add new strategy to attract new customers. We are going to try to attract people face-to-face. We are going to employ a talkative casual person who will be handing out flyers on the busiest streets in the city centre. This person will also be communicating with people walking around to attract them. These flyers will also be put into post boxes every 2 months.
We are going to introduce a few new offers: * 1 device plus 1 device for half price for your kids. * New registered members can win 1 device plus 1 FREE
2) As mentioned before we had a few complains about our device and service speed.
We also decided to improve our service to make our customers happy: * 24/7 call centrum for any question or help * Every service on your device has to be done untill 7 days * Presentation where you can learn how to use your device (especially for begginers)

We expect removing of these lacks and overall improvement by focusing on issues mentioned above in next 6 months.


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